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Digestive Disorders

The Digestive System

Our food digestion system (mouthesophagusstomachsmall intestinelarge intestine) helps us to obtain energy and nutrients from food. Carbohydratefats and protein are each digested differently within the gastrointestinal tract, but surplus calories from these three nutrients are ALL converted to body fat. Malabsorption, bad eating habits, infections and food toxins can cause digestive disorders including: IndigestionDyspepsiaConstipationDiarrheaGastroenteritis, and other digestion problems, or even food poisoning.

Lactose Intolerance

This digestive problem is caused by a lack of the digestive enzyme lactase. There is no “special treatment” for lactase deficiency. The only way to control symptoms is by dietary means. Lactase supplements are available to help boost lactase levels, although these are typically beneficial for only some individuals. Like other food intolerances, lactose intolerance can appear suddenly during mid-life, after the menopause.

Lactose Intolerance & Lactase Deficiency
Lactose-Free Eating Plan
Sources of Calcium For Lactose Intolerant
Lactose in Processed Foods
Lactose-Free Diet Menu
List of Lactose-Free Foods

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Treatment for IBS may include dietary methods, such as switching to a high fiber diet, the use of fiber supplements, laxatives, and other medications.

Guide to Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Diet Treatment For Irritable Bowel
Reduce Insoluble Fiber Intake
Soluble Fiber Supplements for IBS
Diet Modification for IBS
More Diet Advice For IBS Patients
Exercise is Important in IBS Diet Management
IBS Diet Menu


The purpose of a candida reduction diet is to eliminate those foods that “feed” the yeast infestation, by rigid adherence to a “restricted foods list.”

Guide to Candida Diet
Foods to Eliminate on Candida Diet Plan
Foods to Eat on Candida Diet

Gluten Intolerance

At present, the only treatment for gluten intolerance disease is to follow a gluten-free diet, and eliminate all foods that contain wheat, rye, barley and (often) oats.

Celiac Disease & Gluten-Free Diet
Advice About Diet for Celiacs
Details of Gluten-Free Diet
Vegetables and Fruits for Celiacs
Dairy Foods, Meats and Protein
Fats, Sweets, Condiments, and Beverages
Gluten in Processed Foods
Gluten-Free Diet Menu


A low-fiber diet is considered to be the main cause of diverticular problems.

Diverticulosis and Diverticulitis
Diet Treatment for Diverticulitis
Fiber Foods for Diverticulosis
Advice About Increasing Fiber Intake

Women’s Health

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Pre-menstrual Syndrome (PMS) is a common condition affecting up to 75 percent of women. PMS symptoms vary widely and typically occur up to 14 days before the menstrual period… read more about PMS below.

Guide to Premenstrual Syndrome
Healthy PMS Diet and Eating Plan
More About PMS Diet
Problem Foods For PMS Sufferers
PMS Diet Menu


My advice: eat as healthily as possible, exercise regularly and be happy! This combination might not eliminate your cellulite, but it will help you to live longer, which can be quite useful. Read more below.

Diet for Cellulite
Healthy Eating For Cellulite Sufferers
Foods to Omit When Trying to Reduce Cellulite
Exercise Helps Reduce Risk of Cellulite

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

It is thought that up to 10 percent of women may have PCOS, even though many patients may not know it because their symptoms may be misdiagnosed as (eg) PMS or stress… read more about PCOS below.

Guide to Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
The Role of Insulin in PCOS
Best Diet For PCOS and Insulin Insensitivity
Low-GI Diet For PCOS
PCOS Diet Menu
PCOS Diet & Lifestyle Studies


Find answers to questions like: how much weight should you gain during pregnancy, when is it gained, what is the weight used for, what foods, vitamins, minerals and calories should you eat, what foods should you avoid, how to get more help and support. Read more below.

Weight Increase During Pregnancy
Risks of Unhealthy Weight Gain
Health Complications of Obesity For Pregnant Moms
Obesity in Pregnancy: Risk of Birth Defects
Diet Nutrition and Pregnancy
Folic Acid Needs When Pregnant
Iron Needs
Calcium Needs
Nutrition for Expectant Mothers
Foods to Avoid When Pregnant
Nutritional Resources


What are the best eating habits to reduce symptoms of menopause? Read more below.

Guide to Menopause, Weight & Diet
Best Diet Foods For Menopause
Foods to Restrict During Menopause
Best Vitamins For Menopausal Women
Best Minerals For Menopausal Women

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