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December 22, 2023
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December 22, 2023

7 Reasons to Join

1. There Are No Gimmicks

Anne Collins Program has NO Gimmicks!
It’s a highly successful weight loss program that has already helped thousands of women, men and teenagers to lose weight, including many with serious, long term weight problems.

See: Weight Loss PHOTOS of Members

2. Recommended by Doctors

Anne Collins Weight Reduction Program is used by doctors and nursing staff to reduce patient overweight. Here is typical recommendation:

Anne Collins Weight Loss Program is one of the best value programs on the Internet. It offers a wide range of healthy food, uses simple, healthy recipes and wonderful support to keep you motivated. Unlike some diets this program encourages then supports real lifestyle changes that are sustainable. This is not a yo-yo diet. It’s a way of life. I have personally lost weight on the program, and as a doctor, I have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone who wants to improve their weight and health.”
Dr. Tina Ambury FRCGP, GP.

Read What Doctors Say

3. Very Easy Diet Plans

Anne Collins Program has 9 Easy Diets
Each is designed for healthy weight reduction, AND to help you learn GREAT eating habits, so the weight STAYS OFF. There are no “special” weight loss foods or supplements. Each diet is a complete eating-plan with TONS of choices and lots of food-substitutions for picky eaters. See: Diet Programs

4. World Class Support

This Program Offers Fantastic Support!
When you join the weight loss program, you automatically receive FREE membership to Anne’s Weight Loss Support Forum. Talk to her, keep a weekly weight loss journal, ask other members for advice, find a diet-buddy, or simply browse the discussion. Or, email Anne for extra support 365-days a year.

What Members Say About the Forum

“I have literally dieted 38 of my 48 years and I have learned more in the six weeks since I joined this group than ever before. Oh, I knew all there was to know about calories, fat grams, carbs, etc. I could write my own book. What I have learned….actually, what I am learning is about self-image, positive attitude, etc. I knew all the physical stuff but here I am learning about the mental part of weight loss. I am finding out that is an essential part of any weight loss program.”

“Boy, I love this forum. You can’t get this kind of treatment anywhere else, and believe me I have tried WW, Curves, Jenny Craig, everything. Nothing beats Anne. I want to eventually get to 150 lbs. I will be happpy if I just break the terrible 200 lb mark. I haven’t seen that in almost 18 years when I had my last child.”

“I’ve been reading the weight loss forum most of the day, and I must say, it’s a very special and powerful place and I feel so welcomed and supported already.”
J (NZ)

5. TONS of Motivation!!

Anne Collins Program Has REAL Motivation
The program includes a huge range of motivation tips to boost weight loss and prevent weight gain when LIFE intervenes! With over 24 years experience of helping people to lose weight, Anne Collins tips are guaranteed to help you achieve your goals.
See: Motivation Information

6. Great Exercise Advice

Anne Collins Program gives you all the facts about how to exercise to lose weight What exercise is best? When to exercise? How hard to exercise? How long to exercise for? How to develop abs? How to get the best cardio-aerobic or weight-training benefits? What is a good fitness program? Exactly how do we burn body fat? And lots more.
See: Dieting and Fitness Information

7. Unbeatable Price

12 Months Membership to Anne Collins Weight Reduction Program includes the following:

  • 9 Complete Diet Plans
  • Membership to Anne’s Forum
  • 365-Day Support
  • 600+ Pages of Weight Loss Information
  • “Brilliant” Motivation Advice


I am really impressed with your healthy and comprehensive approach to helping people manage their weight!
EC Henley
Adjunct Professor, University of Georgia
I used shame to motivate myself to reduce weight. That’s why I check out your weight loss motivation tips at least once a day. They are not “shame-based”! They are great touchstones to make me think that I really can lose this weight and feel good about myself through the whole dieting process…
Lynn (Texas)