Foods, Raise Metabolic Rate

What Foods or Drinks Raise Metabolic Rate?

Several foods and drinks appear to increase metabolism or metabolic rate, although their over-consumption for weight loss is NOT recommended.

Pure protein has a higher-than-average thermogenic effect: up to 25 percent of calories may be burned off during ‘digestion’, as opposed to the usual 10 percent.

Unfortunately, high-protein diets are linked to loss of bone calcium, kidney stress and may encourage consumption of foods high in saturated fat and cholesterol.

Eating chili and other hot spices also appears to raise metabolism, as it leads to an increased heart rate for up to three hours afterwards.

Caffeine drinks also increase heart rate and metabolism, while green tea raises metabolism without also increasing heart rate.

However, as stated, the over-consumption of these metabolic-booster type foods in order to lose weight is NOT recommended. The side effects are unpredictable and may damage your health.

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What Foods or Drinks Raise Metabolic Rate?
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