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Ways to Reduce Weight
Advice About Losing Weight

More Ways to Reduce Weight

As I said in 3 Easy Ways to Lose Weight, it’s our daily eating habits that cause most weight gain, rather than individual episodes of binge-eating. The same principle applies to exercise and fitness. A modest amount of daily exercise is more effective and sustainable than occasional vigorous workouts.

A Combination of Less Calories and More Exercise

It is possible to reduce weight without exercise, but it’s not ideal. Because losing weight typically involves losing muscle as well as fat. And the more muscle we lose, the lower our metabolic rate (the rate we burn calories). Which is why the best weight loss programs encourage you to reduce your calorie-intake and increase your exercise. Point is, if you make regular calorie savings, they add up to significant weight reduction!

Advice From the National Weight Control Registry

Medical experts overseeing the US National Weight Control Registry recommend this “small” regular calorie-saving approach to weight management. They emphasise the value of aiming for small but realisable weight loss goals.


Daily Diet and Exercise Suggestion

Reduce Calories

1 teaspoon Splenda® (< 5 calories) in your coffee/tea

Instead of:
1 teaspoon of sugar (16)

11 calories

Do this 4 times a day and save: 16,060 calories per year – the equivalent of 4.5 pounds of weight.

Increase Exercise

Take a brisk one mile walk (15 minutes) each day. This burns about 100 calories: more, if you weigh more than 150 pounds.

In one year, this burns a total of 36,500 calories – the equivalent of 9.5 pounds of weight.

Weight Loss Results

By adopting these two regular diet and exercise habit