Dietary Fiber

Dietary Fiber Helps Weight Loss

Fiber Benefits Weight

Eating a diet rich in fiber helps weight reduction and improves eating habits.

Fiber Keeps Us Feeling Full

When soluble fiber comes into contact with water, it swells in the stomach. This increased food-bulk leads to a greater feeling of fullness. So we eat less.

Fiber Reduces Risk of Blood-Glucose Spikes

The presence of soluble fiber slows down the digestion of food in the digestive tract. This is useful when we consume foods with a high glycemic index (GI), as high-GI foods cause a rapid rise in our blood-sugar levels (triggering the release of large amounts of insulin) which frequently leads to a feeling of hunger and consequent desire to eat again within a couple of hours.

Fiber Reduces Food Cravings

By slowing down the digestion of high-GI sugary carbs, fiber is also helpful in reducing the incidence of blood-glucose “spikes” which (it is thought) lead to insulin insensitivity as well as food cravings. Both these problems are associated with obesity and other weight-related health problems.

Fiber Helps Us to Eat Healthy Foods

A fiber-rich diet is likely to be richer in nutrients than a low-fiber diet. This because fiber is found mainly in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts and seeds – all very healthy foods and great for weight loss. By increasing our daily fiber intake, we are likely to improve our eating habits and our chances of losing weight.

A Healthy Diet Makes it Easier to Lose Weight

It’s worth remembering that 20 minerals and 13 vitamins are essential for health. Their presence or absence can change the rate at which energy is produced or calories burned. In a nutshell, a healthy diet helps us to lose weight faster.

Dietary Fiber Helps Weight Loss
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