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How to Cook Fast Food to Reduce Weight

Cook Your Meals in One Quick Session

This fast-food option is great for dieters with families and full-time jobs, who have very little time in the evening to start cooking healthy meals. Even though my children are grown up, my working day spans 16 hours (ouch) and I still use this cooking method to make sure I eat healthily and maintain my waistline.

The aim is to pre-cook all your main meals for the week in one session, so set aside about 90 minutes sometime during the weekend, and make sure you have a plan for all meals you wish to prepare, along with the necessary ingredients.

Tips About Cooking Several Meals in One Session

  • Even though you may not be able to prepare everything in advance, the trick is to prepare “enough” of each meal, leaving yourself the absolute minimum to do when you return home each evening.
  • A good start is to cook a quantity of ultra-lean ground beef, as a base for 2-3 different meals. (Chicken breasts, chopped lean beef or lean pork are also good options.)
  • You may then divide this meat base, and add different chopped vegetables (eg. peppers, onions, carrots, broccoli), canned beans (eg. red kidney, haricot), plus a different sauce to each.
  • To accompany these meals, freeze bags of cooked rice (eg. basmati), or freeze pita breads, or whole wheat dinner rolls.
  • For extra-hungry families, make a large pot of soup and freeze in separate containers.

Simply Reheat and Serve

All the above foods freeze well, and can quickly be reheated in a microwave. The most you need to do each evening, is to microwave some extra vegetables, or potatoes.

Practice Makes Perfect

I’ve kept the above food suggestions as simple as possible. But there’s no better way to perfect the art of healthy weight conscious cooking, than making a mess and learning what works for you. The point is, you don’t need to spend hours in the kitchen every evening. An hour and a half at the weekend should be enough to prepare all your meals for the week, using healthy foods that will safeguard your health and weight.

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My entire diet program is designed for people in the real world – meaning, people who don’t have time. My aim is to make food-preparation as simple and as healthy as possible. So which ever diet plan you choose when you join my program (and there are 9 diets to try) you will NOT spend a huge amount of time in your kitchen!

How to Cook Fast Food to Reduce Weight
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