Celebrity Diets

Celebrity Diets and Weight Loss

Let’s look at how famous stars might cope with dieting and weight loss, then see what lessons we can learn.

Film Stars Who Lose Weight

A Hollywood superstar who has a baby and then loses every ounce of excess body fat inside 4 weeks, isn’t exactly a typical example of postpartum weight reduction.

After all, Hollywood producers are not renowned for hiring overweight actresses. Yes, there are exceptions – but not many. (Fact: Models are 23 percent leaner than the average)

So an overweight film actress or TV star isn’t exactly motivated to lounge around next to her Beverly Hills swimming pool, eating butter popcorn and tubs of Haagen Dazs.

Ask yourself: which of these conversations is more likely to happen?

Conversation No 1.


JULIA ROBERTS’ AGENT: Err, she’s gained weight, I’m afraid.

HOLLYWOOD PRODUCER: Golly, that’s tough. It’s not easy losing weight after you’ve had a baby. My wife had terrible trouble. Say, what diet is Julia on?

JULIA ROBERTS’ AGENT: Oh, it’s much too soon for Julia to start dieting. Her doctor says fast weight loss is out of the question. So she’s going to take her time, eat healthily and lose weight gradually.

HOLLYWOOD PRODUCER: Sure, I totally understand. I’ll postpone the film until Julia regains her shape. Give her my love, will you?

Conversation No 2.


JULIA ROBERTS’ AGENT: Err, she’s gained weight, I’m afraid.


JULIA ROBERTS’ AGENT: She put on 20 pounds after her pregancy but she’s hoping to lose it over the next few months. It’s not easy you know…

HOLLYWOOD PRODUCER: Yeah, right. [Disconnects. Rings Nicole Kidman’s Agent]



The Celebrity Diet Method

With their next 7-figure payout dependent on them regaining their pre-pregnancy shape in the shortest possible time, it’s no surprise that many Hollywood celebrities resort to untypical or extreme weight loss methods in order to lose their excess fat as quickly as possible.

Here’s a light-hearted look at a possible celebrity diet method:

  • Have baby
  • Confer with Public Relations people
  • Hire nutritionist, chef, therapist
  • Hire personal fitness trainer
  • Eat next to nothing for 28 days, while doing non-stop treadmill routines
  • Miraculously lose weight
  • Do exclusive photo-shoot revealing miraculous new lean body (with baby in arms)
  • Do exclusive glossy interview and reveal “personal weight loss diet secrets”
  • Secure new $5 million film role
  • Pay out $250,000 to nutritionist, personal fitness trainer, chef, therapist, publicist, PR company, and personal agent
  • Eat 6 tubs of Haagen-Dazs, laugh all the way to the bank.

What Weight Loss Lessons Can We Learn From Celebrity Dieters?

Strangely enough, there are two very important lessons to be learned from the way celebrity dieters reduce weight.

1. Celebrities have a big incentive to lose weight

Sure, we ordinary people don’t have 7-figure payouts to motivate us, but we can easily find a personal incentive to keep us focused. Point is, a strong incentive definitely helps weight loss. So act like a celebrity dieter and get incentivized!

2. Celebrities get plenty of weight loss support

Sure, they may not utilize all the experts they hire, but at least they don’t make the mistake of trying to lose weight on their own. Point is, all surveys show that support boosts weight reduction. So act like a celebrity dieter and find as much help and support as you can.

Celebrity Diets and Weight Loss
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