Weight Loss Success Stories

Weight Loss Success Stories

Here is a tiny selection of success stories sent to me by people who are members of my weight loss program. For comments about the wonderful weight loss support you can expect when YOU join,
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Hi Anne,
When I joined your weight loss plan nine months ago, I was confused and bitter about lots of different things in my life – especially my weight. I won’t list all these things – the list would be too long!! – but I can say that with your help I can now see some light at the end of the tunnel. Your motivation advice especially has been a huge help. Anyway, I am now 60 pounds lighter and my husband can’t stop telling me how different I am and how much better I look!! This alone has made a big, big difference to my life and I wanted to say how thankful I am. You don’t know how much happier I am and what a difference you have made to me. Bless You!
LO (Illinois)

This is my monthly report of progress as promised. To date, I have lost from approximately 265 pounds down to 198 pounds. That is 67 pounds. I have resumed running three to four miles almost every day and back to using weights for muscle tone again. S has lost 34 pounds during this time also. She is now lighter than she has been since her early 20s. Since she is approaching 56 years young and is weighing now about 12 pounds from her high school weight, she is very happy and excited. Her goal is the other 12 pounds to weigh 120 pounds on her 5 foot 2 frame. She is walking and running and using the weights also. I want to lose at least 8 more pounds and I will feel that I have met my goal to get there and then begin my lifetime of STAYING there in the 190 area. We are feeling great. About two years ago my doctor put me on high blood pressure medicine as my BP was about 136/96 or so. He recently took me off it as my BP had plunged to 116/68! S’s is 113/68 and our doctor is very happy indeed. We have now lost about a full person in weight (100 pounds) and our bed seems much bigger now that the third person has been lost out of it!!! :>) We will endeavor to continue our pursuit of a lifetime of keeping fit. We both have made that firm decision that we want to get in shape and stay in shape as much as our health allows us the remainder of our LONG lives together. Our weight loss has apparently inspired several others that we commute to each day to work. Some have started diets, come to us to ask what we are doing, how can they do it, etc. I have endeavored to watch my fat intake very much. I think the huge reduction in fat intake has assisted me the most in my loss. I am eating plenty of fresh fish, chicken without the skin, veggies, fruits, yogurts, melons, breads, potatoes, and rice. I have not had a hamburger, french fry, slice of pizza, bowl of ice cream, candy bar, or coke since our diets started. Frankly, I have not missed them that much. We both know that after we get to where we want to be, we can on the occasion have one of those, but in moderation. I told S a burger would probably be a chicken sandwich instead and ice cream would be a purchased one at a store in small quantities instead of a whole gallon in a bucket in the frig. Hope this report cheers your day, it certainly has ours.Regards,
B & S (Mid West)

Hi Anne,
I joined your diet 2 years ago, but quit after a couple of weeks because I got sick. Then I tried again (thanks to my Mom) and just achieved my first big goal – 50 pounds down – another 60 to go! I didn’t contact you so far, because I was too focused, but tomorrow I’m going to celebrate with my husband (8 years married) and I wanted to let you know how good it feels. Thankyou so much.
Ashley (Virginia)

Dear Anne,
My wife and I chose your plan 17 weeks ago as the diet that we felt most closely compared to the way our doctor advised us to diet. My wife’s goal is to lose 80 lbs. and mine is to lose 50 lbs…. I am happy to report very pleasing progress and that we are very happy with the results and the way we are feeling. My wife has lost 23 pounds and I have lost 27.5. We have found the diet easy to follow and it actually contains many foods that we really like. Two other very positive changes we have found are the habits of always eating breakfast and always sitting down at a table to eat as a family. These practices have provided us benefits far beyond just losing weight.
G and D (Alabama)

Just a note to thank you for your diet. I don’t have any questions; I just thought you might like to hear another success story. I believed I could not lose weight, being 61 years old and not active at all. And except for all that evening snacking, I thought I ate pretty well. I had decided to try a healthy, smart diet and was thrilled to find yours. Exactly what I wanted and needed. Like many others, I had tried and failed over and over. But this is the perfect diet, I think. Normal, everyday food, balanced, healthy. There have been some setbacks, of course. A time last fall when life was too hectic and stressful. I stopped for a month and a half. And then later, my friend, a lively 75, got married in December. I spent a lot of time with her travelling, shopping, looking for the room for that special first night, etc. I gained 3 pounds. And lost it. I was 177 pounds when I started. I am now 155. I hope to lose a bit more. Ten pounds or so. And I am sure I can do it. I am looking forward to the summer clothes coming into the stores and a gigantic shopping spree. I have become more active. Your diet was extremely encouraging, and taught me how to eat. I am looking and feeling so much better. Healthwise I know I will reap the benefits. Thank you so much.
DD (Canada)

Joining your weight loss program was the best $20 we ever spent, I have lost 50 pounds and my wife has lost 100 pounds! Everyone wants to know what diet we’re on. My wife has even been asked a couple of times if she has had gastric bypass. We are quick to tell them, just order your program, follow it, and exercise. We feel better, look younger, and have a lot more energy! So, thank you for helping make it so easy. I have attached before and after pic’s of my wife (Aug 2003-July 2004).
MP (Alabama)

Hi Anne,
I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful web site. I recently completed a 10 week diet sponsored by my work place. With the help of your low carb diet I was able to lose 24 pounds over the 10 week period…. Once again, thanks, I have never felt so wonderful and I think your customer service is awesome.
Shelley B (NY)

Weight Loss Success Stories
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