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Juliette reduced her weight from 172 pounds to 127 pounds.

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I have lost weight before but I always regained it. This time, with 45 pounds to lose, I wanted to be able to maintain my weight loss and Anne Collins program seemed to be the most sensible way of achieving this. I’ve learnt so much from Anne and the other contributors to the forum. At first I found Anne’s motivation tips invaluable in helping me adjust my attitude and get myself into the right frame of mind to make a real lifestyle change rather than just “going on a diet”. I did the low GI plan because I love my carbs and that seemed like a plan I could actually stick to.

It wasn’t always easy, I have a huge sweet tooth and dealing with my chocolate habit took some effort to get under control, but one of the most important things I learned was that if I fell off the wagon and ate some chocolate I could just dust myself down and get back on. There was something so encouraging about going on to the forum, confessing to eating chocolate then committing to follow my plan strictly for the next couple of days. Everyone is always so positive and it seemed to me that whatever problem I had someone else had it too and we could work out strategies for dealing with it. Weighing in every week was essential for me. I posted my weight every week, whether or not I’d managed a loss. It was great to be congratulated when I achieved one of my targets and to be commiserated with when I hadn’t done as well as I’d hoped. On those weeks I could read all the losses posted by other forum members and that was so encouraging; some of the losses have been huge and it’s so inspiring to see your fellow diet-members moving towards their goals.

I’m a lot more aware of what and how I eat now, so hopefully, I’ll be able to keep the weight off this time. I’ve maintainined my 45-pound loss for three months now and I feel great. Losing weight isn’t just about the obvious changes that you can see, but the little things; all my boots fasten round my calves, I can buy my clothes anywhere, I can run up and down stairs without getting breathless, my hair and finger nails are shiny, my skin is clearer… there are more benefits than I have space for!!

“For all of you that are still travelling towards your weight loss goals I’d say… don’t give up! The end result is well worth all the travails of the journey! And if you need extra help, join Anne Collins diet program and forum – it really is so motivating.”