South Beach Diet

South Beach Diet Program Review

The South Beach Diet is a doctor-designed low-carb weight loss plan. Even though the initial stage of this diet is high protein, low-carb, it is less stringent than other well known high protein diets, like Dr Atkins Diet.

Phases of South Beach

The diet is split into 3 phases. The first phase is most restricted and involves eating three normal-sized meals made up of a limited number of foods – lean meats, vegetables, nuts, cheese, and eggs. Beef, ham, milk, yogurt, all carbs with the exception of some vegetables and alcohol are excluded.

Phase 2 introduces some of these banned foods back into the diet, while Phase 3 is designed to include foods from all the food groups and lasts for life.

Possible Weight Loss on South Beach Diet

The projected weight loss during the initial phase of the diet (which lasts 14 days) is 8-13 pounds, but like all low-carb, high protein diets, a good proportion of this is water loss rather than fat loss.

Phase 2, which lasts until you get to your goal weight, promises a weight loss of 1-2 pounds per week. This is the average weight loss recommended by health experts, so weight loss on the South Beach Diet is no faster or slower than most weight loss plans on the market.

The final phase of the diet gives sound advice on long term healthy, balanced eating and if followed, like any healthy eating plan will help maintain good health and weight for life.

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South Beach Diet Program Review
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