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Atkins Diet Review

Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution, by Dr. Robert C. Atkins, M.D.

“The Atkins Diet” is a high protein weight loss diet which emphasises the benefits of high protein foods and the dangers of carbohydrates.

In fairness, the Atkins diet has been unfairly painted as an “all cheeseburgers, no vegetables” plan. True, the early “induction” phase (2 weeks) drastically restricts carbohydrate consumption – a few leafy greens and no fruit – but then more carbs are allowed. So within 6 months you may end up eating a reasonable amount of carbohydrates, even though the diet counsels you to avoid certain carb-foods, like white breads, white potatoes, and white rice, forever.

Even so, the criticisms of leading dietary bodies and weight loss experts imply that this high protein plan is yet another fad diet.

Consider this, for example:

“Besides the health risks associated with ketosis outlined earlier, there are other long-term concerns associated with this particular plan. Atkins’ diet can lead to the kind of rapid weight fluctuations that adversely effect the heart. Moreover, the breakdown of fatty acids that occurs during ketosis may also increase the risk of heart disease. One of the basic tenets of Atkins’ diet is that sugar causes cancer. Such misleading pronouncements are essentially scare tactics, meant to direct the dieter towards foods on the Atkins plan. Finally, nothing about this plan encourages the dieter to learn some very basic weight management strategies like portion control and serving sizes, let alone develop the skills necessary for a lifetime of balanced nutrition.” Excerpt from the official American Heart Association web site.

Recent Studies of Atkins Diet

Recent (albeit small-scale) studies suggest that the Atkins Diet may be less harmful and more beneficial than supposed. A futher long-term study is underway. This should help to clarify the health and safety issues of the Atkins Diet.

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 A Note about Healthy Weight Control
Fad diets, unbalanced diets, diet pills, diet supplements, weight loss surgery and other short term weight loss methods are not recommended for permanent weight control. The best way to lose excess fat and maintain a healthy weight in the long term is to follow a balanced calorie-controlled diet (that improves your eating habits) and take regular aerobic exercise. An excellent option is Anne Collins Weight Loss Program

Atkins Diet Review
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