Why Does Weight Loss Stop

Why Does Weight Loss Stop? Plateau Problem

weight loss plateau usually occurs within about a month of starting a reduced-calorie diet, and may reoccur from time to time thereafter. During such a plateau, weight reduction stops completely or slows down to almost nothing.

Why Does a Weight Loss Plateau Occur?

A plateau may occur because (1) your body simply wants a “rest” to cope with your calorie-reduction; or (2) your calorie-intake is in balance with your calorie expenditure; or (3) you have reduced your calorie-intake too low. If your calorie-intake is too low, your body thinks there is a “famine” and slows down your metabolism (how fast you burn calories) in order to conserve calories.

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How Do You Start Losing Weight Again?

(1) Raise your metabolism (and calorie expenditure) by increasing your activity level. This boosts your metabolic rate and usually re-starts weight loss. For example, if you exercise for 20 minutes each day, increase this to 25-30 minutes each day, and weight loss should resume. If you are already exercising quite hard, try varying your workout routine. For example, if you do 20 minutes cardio and 30 minutes strength-training, switch them around.

(2) Avoid going too long without food. Going without food for long periods can also trigger a weight loss plateau. Ideally eat something (e.g. piece of fruit) every 3 hours (women) or about every 5 hours (men). This reassures your body that food is plentiful and facilitates calorie-burning.

(3) Try to be patient. Your weight loss plateau will disappear, I promise. But it typically takes anything between 1-4 weeks.

(4) If you join my healthy weight reduction program, you’ll get tons of support and motivation to overcome your weight loss plateau.

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Why Does Weight Loss Stop? Plateau Problem
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