Weight Loss Plateau

Weight Loss Plateau

Q. How to Overcome a Weight Loss Plateau?

The weight loss plateau occurs because your body thinks there is a famine and has slowed down your metabolism in order to conserve calories.

This usually occurs within about a month of starting a weight loss diet, and may reoccur periodically thereafter.

What’s the solution to the weight loss plateau?
SPEED UP your metabolism.

By increasing your activity level.

Boosting your activity level will boost your metabolism and re-start weight loss.

For example, if you exercise for 20 minutes each day, increase this to 25-30 minutes each day, and weight loss should return to normal.

Calorie Intake & Eating Habits

As well as increasing your activity, please check your calorie intake is adequate. Many dieters fail to eat enough. This alone can trigger the weight loss plateau effect. Also, do not go too long without eating. This is not good for your metabolism/metabolic rate. For a woman, 3 hours without food is a reasonable maxiumum. And always eat breakfast!

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Weight Loss Plateau
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