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Low Fat Diet Information

The healthiest type of diet plan is a balanced diet which includes foods from all food groups in the Food Pyramid. According to the food pyramid, all fats and oils should be eaten sparingly. This means your diet should be low in fat, especially saturated fat. As a rough guide, no more than about 30 percent of your calories should be eaten in the form of fat.

Low Fat Doesn’t Mean No Fat

We need certain fats (essential fatty acids), so a low-fat diet doesn’t mean a no-fat diet. Also, just because a food is low-fat doesn’t mean it’s healthy or less fattening. It may be high in sugar which is not good for your health or weight. So whenever possible, choose low fat brands that are also low in sugar.

A Low Fat Diet is Better for Your Health and Weight

  • Better for Low Cholesterol and Your Heart, says the American Heart Association
  • Better for Prevention of Cancers, says the World Cancer Research Fund
  • Better for Your Health and Weight, says the American Dietetic Association and the FDA.

Move Towards Low Fat Eating

The average American diet is not low fat. On the contrary it is high in fat and the average American is getting fatter. It is estimated that 55 per cent of American adults and 15-20 per cent of American children are overweight – a significant proportion of whom are seriously overweight or obese. Eating too much fat is one of the major causes.

  • The average American consumes the equivalent of a whole stick of butter, each day. (Butter is 80 per cent fat). Mayonnaise has become a universal addition to food. (Mayo is 80 per cent fat).
  • USA kids aged 6 to 14 eat in quick-serve restaurants 157 million times a month.
    As we all know, quick-serve or fast-food meals typically include a high fat not low-fat content.
  • Nearly 50 cents of every US dollar spent on food is spent on eating out.
    This means more fatty food, more added-fat and more high-fat temptations.
    I mean, how many low-fat restaurants do YOU know?

Low Fat Diets Lead to Better Long Term Weight Control

A weight loss article in FDA Consumer Magazine (Jan/Feb 2002) outlined the weight-control behavior of more than 3,000 American adults who lost an average of 60 pounds weight and kept it off for an average of six years. Less then 1% of these successful weight-losers ate low-carbohydrate diets. Most of them ate low-fat, high-carbohydrate diets to maintain their weight loss.

Anne Collins Diet Program

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Low Fat Diet Information
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