Adopt These 3 Daily Eating Habits and Lose 24 Pounds of Body Fat!

Daily eating habits are crucial to weight control. We don’t become overweight because we have the occasional eating binge. The extra calories we eat on these occasions do less damage than we think. The truth is, we gain weight because of our daily eating habits. It is these daily high-calorie food choices that do the real damage. So one way to reduce weight is to choose lower-calorie foods for your everyday meals or snacks. Here are three examples:

The Healthy Weight Loss Program That
Doesn’t Expect You To Be Perfect

(1) Lose an Easy Six Pounds of Fat

1 cup skim milk (90 calories).

Instead of:
1 cup whole milk (150 calories).

60 calories

Do this once a day and save: 21,900 calories per year.
This is equivalent to: 6.25 pounds of weight

(2) Lose Another Easy Six Pounds of Body Fat

6 oz light, fat-free yogurt (80)

Instead of:
6 oz full-fat yogurt (190)

110 calories

Do this 4 times a week and save: 22,880 calories per year.
This is equivalent to: 6.5 pounds of weight

(3) Lose An Easy Eleven Pounds of Body Fat

3 Cups Airpopped Popcorn (90)

Instead of:
3 Cups Microwaved Caramel Popcorn (280)

190 calories

Do this 4 times a week and save: 39,520 calories per year.
This is equivalent to: 11.3 pounds of weight


Weight Loss Results

By following these four suggestions, you will reduce your calorie intake by a total of 84,300 calories a year – equivalent to 24 pounds of body fat.

Even if you follow only half these suggestions, you will save yourself 42,000 calories, or more than 12 pounds of fat.


Choose Your Own Lower-Calorie Options

If you already eat low-fat dairy food, or if you don’t usually eat popcorn, design your own swaps. Simply select a food you DO eat regularly, then look for a lower-calorie alternative. It’s not rocket science, but making small changes to your daily eating habits can make a huge difference to your weight over the course of time.

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