Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet

Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet

Vegetarian “Quick-Start” Diet: Summary

  • 28-day super-simple vegetarian weight loss plan
  • Wide variety of delicious but quick-and-easy meals
  • Calorie values given for EVERY FOOD ITEM
  • Full list of food substitutions for picky eaters
  • Full snack list
  • Vegetarian fast food
  • Full shopping list


This is a balanced lacto-ovo vegetarian diet – for vegetarians who eat milk and eggs. It provides about 1250 calories a day. Depending on your gender and how much weight you have to lose, you may increase this to 2000+ calories, by choosing from a wide range of calorie-controlled snacks. The Anne Collins Vegetarian Quick-Start Diet offers a range of advice on diet nutrition and weight issues. Recipes are designed to be as SIMPLE as possible.

It contains more than 90 easy recipes to choose from, including a wide range of quick recipes for soups and dips, plus simple advice on cooking grains and the best fast-food options. No more boredom with cottage cheese at every meal! A shopping list is included for each week.

For your convenience and information, each food item is listed with its calorie-content.

This is an Ideal Weight Loss Plan For…

The Vegetarian Quick-Start Diet is perfect for anyone who enjoys vegetarian food, or wants to eat less meat, and who wants to lose body fat as fast as possible.

Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals

The Vegetarian Quick-Start Diet runs for four weeks. After this, you may continue your weight loss by repeating the diet plan, or switch to our Vegetarian Diet for Life.

Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet
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