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Protein in Foods – Protein Content

Protein Foods – Animal Foods vs. Plant Foods

Most recommendations for protein intake are based on animal-food sources of protein such as meat, cow’s milk and eggs. However, studies show clearly that diets based solely on plant foods as sources of protein can be quite adequate and supply the recommended amounts of all essential amino acids for adults, even when a single plant food, such as rice, is virtually the sole source of protein. The American Dietetic Association emphasizes that protein combining at each meal is unnecessary, as long as a range of protein rich foods is eaten during the day.

Table 1. Approximate Protein in Selected Foods

FoodsProtein Content
Ostrich10 grams/ounce
Beef7 grams/ounce
Poultry7 grams/ounce
Fish7 grams/ounce
Large Egg7 grams/egg
Milk8 grams/cup
Cheese (eg. Cheddar)7 grams/ounce
Bread4 grams/slice
Cereal4 grams/1/2 cup
Vegetables2 grams/ 1/2 cup
Soybeans (dry)10 grams/ounce
Peanuts7 grams/ounce
Lentils (dry)6.5 grams/ounce
Red beans6 grams/ounce
Baked potato9 grams/8 ounces
Cashews5 grams/ounce

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Protein in Foods – Protein Content
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