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Weight Loss System For Optimum Health

Every Size and Shape

Over the past 20 years and more, I’ve helped thousands of individuals who wanted to lose weight. My clients have ranged from super-obese patients with 300 pounds to lose, to young single women who dream of a totally flat stomach, and every conceivable size and shape in-between. I’ve helped celebrities as well as people with all types of difficulties, such as hypothyroidism, depression, PCOS, insulin resistance, diabetes, as well as women who suddenly gained weight in menopause, women recovering from prolonged use of diet pills, and anorexics who were 30 pounds underweight and still denied they had a weight problem. My weight loss program is recommended and used by doctors, nursing staff and thousands of ordinary dieters across America and the world.

You Are Not a Weight Loss Failure

The core of my weight loss philosopy is this: No one is a failure. Being seriously overweight is not a sign of weak-will or inferiority. Truth is, many of the most obese individuals I meet, are exceptionally capable people. Typically, they are self- disciplined, well organised and intensely hard-working. In fact, very often, the reason they are overweight is that they are too busy and work too hard. Usually, my job is simply to motivate them to spend more time on themselves and in the process to help them to make changes to their eating and exercise routines.

The Healthy Weight Loss Program That
Gives You REAL Personal Support

What Makes My Program So Successful?

I’m No Magician. I don’t have a miracle weight loss formula. Instead, my program is based upon healthy eating, tons of personal support and plain common sense. These things are the reason why so many people lose weight on my program, and are the basis for any long-term weight reduction.

Improve Motivation to Lose Weight – The Rest is Easy

In my experience, losing weight is largely a mental or emotional issue. Most dieters know what to eat. They know they need to take physical exercise. It’s the emotional side of dieting they have difficulty with. That’s why I include tons of motivation help and a fantastic support forum in my weight loss program. Because if I can help you improve your motivation to lose weight, the rest is easy.

How Not to Lose Weight

Knowing some of the dieting traps you can fall into should makes weight loss easier for you. Here are two big ones:

1. Not Having a Powerful Incentive to Lose Weight

Without a “proper incentive”, losing weight is hard work, and no matter how hard you try you won’t lose weight. Having a proper incentive means you must be very clear about the real, tangible benefits you are going to get from making the necessary changes to your eating and exercise habits. You need to KNOW exactly how your life will improve. Because unless you have a clear idea of these benefits, you won’t have the motivation to make the changes needed. Remember, it’s not easy changing your eating habits. Some people diet for years without ever having a proper incentive. This is why they stay overweight – it has nothing to do with personal weakness.

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2. Not Having Realistic Weight Loss Goals

Last year I introduced one of my most successful dieters (Maria) to an audience of women, all of whom wanted to lose weight. Maria had managed to lose 105 pounds over the course of the previous 21 months, and looked stunning in jeans and a white T-shirt. Did anyone question the fact that she had lost an average of only 1 pound and 1 ounce per week? No. They were too busy admiring her. They absolutely loved her and were totally inspired by her example.

The moral of the story is simple. If you want to lose weight and keep it off for ever, be realistic in your weight loss goals. Don’t waste time setting yourself unrealistic weight reduction targets, because you are guaranteed to fail and feel worse. One of the reasons that Maria kept going, was because she set herself manageable weight loss goals, and each time she achieved one of them, she felt fantastic.

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Remember Food is Your Friend: Good Eating Habits Help You Lose Weight

Many dieters are terrified of eating. They see food as their enemy. But it’s not true. Food is our friend. It gives us energy, keeps us healthy and makes us happy. Food is the most wonderful thing in the world. All you need to do, is train yourself to make healthy food choices. Of course, you can’t develop good eating habits overnight – it takes time. But even if it takes a little longer than you expect, it’s worth waiting a few extra weeks. Because good eating habits are the cornerstone of successful weight loss.

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Beware Pills and Fad Diets

Diet pills and fad diets will always prove irresistible to some people. It’s quite natural and perfectly understandable for someone who is very overweight to “believe” the promise of “instant weight loss” offered by these products. However, having spent considerable time coping with the damage caused by these weight loss methods, trust me when I say that pills and fad diets cause more weight problems than they solve.
See also the warning from the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) about fraudulent weight loss claims.

Weight Loss System For Optimum Health
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