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Weight Loss Information: Motivation, Exercise, Nutrition

1. Motivation Tips to Help You Lose Weight

When you join Anne Collins Weight Loss Program, you get TONS of “BRILLIANT” MOTIVATION TIPS, to help you overcome the normal difficulties of dieting.

2. NEW! Exercise Advice

You also get TONS of EXERCISE ADVICE, to help raise your metabolism and lose more weight. Find out what exercise burns the most calories. Learn how you burn body fat.

3. NEW! Advice About Nutrition and Calories

You also get a wide range of nutritional advice to help you maintain healthy eating habits for LIFE.

Some Recent Comments by Members

Note: All comments reprinted directly from Anne Collins Weight Loss Forum. To preserve privacy, some identifying names have been changed.

Dear Anne
I signed up today and feel compelled to write to you after having read a number of your very fine weight loss motivational articles. They run contrary to the ‘good girl/bad girl’ stuff that I have been punishing myself with all these years. They are direct and powerful in their brevity, but they also communicate a sense of love and forgiveness. I know it may sound amazing, but I never realized until now the huge part that ‘attitude’ plays in the success or failure to lose weight.

Joan (Oregon)

I am a 51 year old woman, 5 feet tall and I weigh 148 lbs… I read about 8 of your articles so far, and what really impressed me is the thread that runs through all of them: MENTAL work has to go on in order to succeed. You don’t pepper them with little food tips or tricks — the most important dieting GOES ON IN YOUR HEAD. So, as I begin to apply the principles of healthy eating one more time, I think I see that I need to get rid of a lot of anger as well as the excess weight. Anger that I have directed toward myself. And they just may be synonomous. Thanks, Anne. I really feel hopeful I can lose weight this time.
Meryl (Indiana)

I would like to thank you for your motivational tips and diet solutions! I am a 28yr old male hispanic, 5ft 4in. In two months, my weight and body stats have changed from 139 pounds, 20 percent body fat, 34 inch waist – to 125 pounds, 13 percent body fat, and 31 inch waist. My activity level has remained constant: lightly active (1-2 hours at the gym a week weightlifting, light running)…
JG (Florida)

I looked on Google and found Anne Collins. I love her approach. She lets us learn from our mistakes or successes, answers our questions, and gently points us in the right direction. Some of her motivational items are a hoot! I know that her food plan works. She’s certainly an expert at this.
PP (Kentucky)

Weight Loss Information: Motivation, Exercise, Nutrition
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