GI Diet Plan

Summary of GI Diet

  • 28-day diet plan for optimum blood glucose control and weight loss
  • Calorie values given for EVERY FOOD ITEM
  • Add your own snacks from extensive snack list
  • Instantly adaptable for ANY dieter no matter how overweight
  • Full list of food substitutions for picky eaters
  • Full snack list
  • Full shopping list
  • Full list of fast food options

Anne Collins Low GI Diet is designed for dieters, like diabetics, who wish to lose weight AND reduce their intake of refined or high-glycemic carbs. In addition, it helps you to reduce cravings and lose weight at the FASTEST possible speed. The Low GI Diet also helps dieters who suffer from hypothyroidism or fluctuating blood sugar levels.

In a nutshell, it reduces weight, lowers blood glucose, reduces food cravings and PMS bingeing and makes you feel great!.

Contents of GI Diet

The Low GI Diet combines lean protein with Low GI carbs to help stabilize blood-sugar and reduce hunger. It provides an average of 1100 calories per day. Depending on your gender and how much weight you have to lose, you may increase this to 2000+ calories, by choosing from a wide range of calorie-controlled snacks.

The diet includes a complete 4-week eating plan, with a huge range of food-substitutes, lots of fast-food options, a wide range of snacks, and you can ‘mix-and-match’ everything. The plan includes over 60 delicious quick and easy recipes as well as a shopping list for each week.

For optimum health, the Low GI Diet contains plenty of protein, omega-3 fatty acids and a good selection of low-glycemic carbs.

For your convenience, and to help you adapt the diet to your individual taste, each food item is listed together with its calorie-content.

This Weight Loss Diet is Designed For…

This Low GI diet is a good choice for anyone who needs to maintain stable blood-sugar levels, or reduce cravings, or who has hypothyroidism, and who wants to lose weight as fast as possible.

What Real Dieters Say About This Diet

Note: All comments reprinted directly from Anne Collins Weight Loss Forum. To preserve privacy, all identifying names have been removed.

I have been on the low glycemic diet for high blood glucose readings. I have lost from 176#’s to 168#’s this morning, so I feel like it has been successful. Thank you so much! This has been to only place I have been able to get a menu plan with enough detail that I could follow it without spending a massive amount of time planning….

Well, this is my fourth week on the low glycemic diet and I lost 4 pounds this week. That’s a total of 12 pounds and I actually feel better. I went to the doctor last week and she reduced my insulin dosages, which is terrific…

Well, I am down another 5 for the week. This is amazing to me as I haven’t been 180 in well over 2 years now, so I’m feeling really good about this. I love the low-GI diet…

Hello Anne, I want to tell you about how am I doing with my “Low-Glycemic Diet”, so far I have lost 23 pounds and I’m on my 5th week. My sugar levels are very good I even had to lower the dosage on my insulin.

I am down to 166 (down 5 pounds!!!) on the Low GI diet. I am so motivated. My husband has noticed too!

Yep, been there done that too! After quitting the South Beach diet, I gained all of the weight back AND more! Since I’ve been on Anne’s diets (mostly the low glycemic), I have gone off quite a few times, but the good news is that I haven’t gained the weight back AT ALL!!!!!! Now that’s what I call a great diet for life!

Down to 165 pds……total weight loss 15 pounds in 6 weeks. I am so thrilled. This is the first time in a long time I have managed to stick to a diet long enough to lose this much. I am starting to feel more and more like the Low GI eating habits are a way of life not just a diet which is where I want to be.

Yeah, 3 pounds this week. Yeah me! Blood sugars are really good and I haven’t had a single craving this week. I think this really is becoming a way of life and I don’t notice being on a “diet” anymore. Wouldn’t that be lovely! I can’t see myself changing from this GI way of eating.

This week, I had a loss of 2.5 pounds! I am thrilled, especially because its my TOM and I still lost! Normally I gain at this time of the month. Do you think this is because of the sort of food I’m eating on the Low GI diet Anne? I normally have really bad sugar cravings before my TOM but this week no problem!!

Down a pound and a half. Whoopee!! That’s 22 gone!! My exercise was a little lax only walking 3 times this week. I have to share the good news. Everyone at work just laughs when I say this because I get so happy about it but I got into jeans…you know the ones with zippers and no stretchies in the back. Sure feels good!!!! Can’t remember last time but it was certainly 4 years ago. This GI diet is really working for me.

lost 4 pounds this week. After being on my TOM last week which for the first time ever, I only gained 1 pound instead of 5, I came to average 2 pounds a week for the last 3 weeks. This program really works and I really think I’ve found the right way for me to eat with the Low GI diet! Thanks Anne.This plan is the only thing that has helped me lose in 15 years.

Well I am finally going back in the right direction! I am down 3.5 pounds for 191 pounds. The Lower GI Diet is awesome! I am not having the cravings and I am amazed by my energy! I am going to stay on course this week, because I would realy like like to try and make my first goal of breaking 190… This diet is amazing – thanks Anne! And thank you to every one who was so helpful and supportive to me again as I was spinning my wheels! It was so appreciated!

I started Wednesday at 242 and I’m currently at 236. 6 pounds-Yeah! Thanks to Anne, thanks to the “Low-Glycemic Diet”, to all of you great people who have given me a lot of motivation, and myself for being determined (for 6 days) to change my lifestyle. Thanks everyone. For the first time in a long time I really feel I can do this.

Thank you for your response, very quick as usual. If businesses had the same service and commitment that you do, it would be much closer to a perfect world! I started the low-glycemic on Monday, which I must say I like even more than the low-carb. Especially the cereal and oatmeal and granola bars!! Thanks again,

Dear Anne, Hello friend. Thanks for all you do and for your terrific website and service. You were right, the Low-Glycemic diet is working really well and my blood sugars have been more stable than ever befoe. I have been really amazed and impressed by how well this diet lines up with all the “current” dietary studies. It’s really a healthy way to go. Thanks for your help.

Hey, Anne!!! This morning I weigh 135 pounds. Last week I lost 2, this week, 3 more. My goal is 120, that is, if I feel good at that weight, and I think I will. Thanks for the yummy menus on the “GI” diet, that makes it much easier.

This week my weight loss brings me down to 181…a total loss of 4 pounds since starting the Low GI diet. So far I really have never felt hungry. I am following the diet EXACTLY as printed with not too many changes.I am monitoring my blood glucose reading {just starting this}and it’s Improving. I read some of the other members posts and they constantly remind me of many of the same problems I am having. Good luck to everyone.

Down 2 pounds this week. Changed to Low GI diet and find it much easier and more suited to me than low carb. Found my motivation going this week and reread the “Time to refocus” reasons I gave and I was back on track! This would normally be where I would have given up dieting for a couple weeks but now I’m still on track. Thanks Anne.

Thanks Anne. Felt so good when I stayed on track at a point where I would have given up before. Another hurdle passed. I’m finding the Low-Glycemic Diet so much easier than dieting I’ve done in the past … and I’ve done a lot of it . Also finding it much easier to recover from a ‘bad’ day using the motivation tips. Thanks again.

Hi there – I’m on the low GI too and am finding it really good at stopping me from feeling hungry. I substituted a few things in the first week just like you have but it didn’t seem to matter as long as I was sensible and stuck to the principles – and I lost 5 pounds. It’s good that the diet often says fresh or frozen too. The fish is really expensive here in the UK, don’t know what it’s like in the US but I’m hanging in there – and enjoying it.

Well I am really surprised! TOM is this week and I’m down 3 pounds to 192! YAHOO! That’s a first for me to lose at this time…it is almost always a gain for me! Keep up the great work all! It’s great to see all of the people who are here and getting starting. For all of you “foodies” like me, it is very simple, (when I follow it too lol). Anne Collins program is like a recipe. If we add or subtract from the recipe, it really messes it up and makes it turn our wrong and us heavier or un-healthy! BUT, also like a recipe, if we follow the directions, it turns out this great delight (us).

just wanted to weigh in this week my husband and i started this diet 2 wks ago. i started at 234.5 pounds and he started at 237 pounds we currently weigh in at 227.5 for me and 232 for him which is a loss of 5 pounds for him and 7 pounds for me . It feels great.

Despite the fact that last week was my TOM, and this weekend was my birthday, and I wasn’t good at all, I am down another 4 pounds!!

Low GI Weight Loss Diet – Sample Menu

1. The diet includes full cooking instructions and TONS of different recipes.
2. The diet includes a range of food substitutions plus eating-out advice.
3. The diet includes complete information on calories.


Cereal with Seeds, Walnuts and Fruit [Calories 290]
1 Shredded Wheat biscuit
1/2 cup non-fat milk
1 tbsp pumpkin seeds
4 chopped walnuts
1 apple, chopped

Cover wheat biscuit with the milk and top with seeds, chopped nuts and apple.


Snack Suggestion

1 orange [Calories 70]



Grilled Ham & Swiss on Rye and Fruit [Calories 340]
1 slice rye bread or whole wheat bread
1 oz low-fat Swiss cheese
3 oz deli ham
1/2 tsp honey mustard
4 cherry tomatoes
1 kiwi fruit

1. Toast the bread on one side, under broiler. Spread the non-toasted side with the mustard.
2. Put ham on top, and cover with cheese. Broil until cheese melts.


Snack Suggestion

Low-fat yogurt, handful of walnuts or almonds [100]



Broiled Chicken Breast, Lentils and Vegetables [Calories 344]
5 oz skinless, boneless, chicken breast
1/2 cup cooked lentils
1 cup fresh or frozen broccoli
1 cup fresh or frozen green beans

1. Spray the chicken with cooking spray and broil until tender.
2. Serve with the cooked lentils and steamed or microwave vegetables.


Extra Daily Allowance

1/2 cup fat-free milk (or equivalent)


Total Calories

Total Daily Calories: 1189

Your daily meals on this diet contain an average of 1200 calories. Depending on your gender and how much weight you have to lose, you may increase this to 2000+ calories, by choosing from a wide range of calorie-controlled snacks.