Weight Loss Nutrition

Weight Loss Nutrition – How to Eat Healthily & Control Weight

Read Food Labels

Read the labels of processed foods and check for tropical oils (such as palm or coconut), and see how far down on the ingredient list they fall. Ingredients are listed in descending order of predominance in the product. The ingredient used in the greatest quantity is listed first, and the ingredient used in the smallest quantity is listed last.

Weight Loss Nutrition – Eat More Monounsaturated Fats

Monounsaturated fats are known as the good guys. Monounsaturated fats offer the benefit of lowering cholesterol, while not decreasing the body’s good cholesterol (HDL).

  • Stock canola and/or olive oil in your cupboard. Use these oils to sauté, cook, prepare salad dressing or bake.
  • Throw a few nuts on foods – salads, desserts, stir-fries.
  • Use a slice or two of avocado on a salad, to garnish a casserole, or for guacamole as a Mexican topping.
  • Use a few olives on a relish plate, to toss in a salad, as a garnish.
  • Buy canola or olive oil-based commercial salad dressings, canola-based margarine and mayonnaise or make your own with olive or canola oil.

Weight Loss Nutrition – How to Reduce Fat (and Calories!)

  • Use fat-free or no more than 1% milk.
  • Take advantage of light and reduced fat cheeses. Find out which products you like best. Sometimes you just need to use less of the regular to get the taste you enjoy.
  • If a recipe calls for cheese and you want to use a regular type, buy a sharp variety and use a smaller quantity. The sharper taste gives more flavor with a smaller amount.
  • Buy the low-fat, light, and fat-free products that taste good to you. You might have to experiment with several – margarine, butter (or blends), cream cheese, cottage cheese, mayonnaise, and sour cream. Remember, these products are not calorie-free. Be sure to read the Nutrition Facts label to learn more about the product.
  • Buy the low-fat, reduced-calorie or fat-free salad dressing that has the taste you like. No matter what salad dressing you use, don’t pour on too much. Remember a 1/4 of a cup can contain as many carbohydrates as a slice of bread.
  • Use low or no sugar jelly or jam instead of margarine or cream cheese on bagel, toast, or muffins.
  • Use plain, fat-free yogurt or fat-free sour cream instead of regular sour cream – add herbs and seasonings to make it tasty. Use it on baked potatoes, vegetables, chicken and fish.
  • Always keep fresh lemon and lime on hand to squirt on vegetables and fish at the table instead of adding more fat (such as sauces or butter).
  • When you buy meats, buy lean cuts; trim off excess fat; prepare in low fat and moist ways.
  • Marinate meats and vegetables in wine, vinegars, seasonings and spices to add flavors without adding fat.
  • Consider using applesauce, prune puree or other dried fruit puree to replace fat in baked goods recipes. Check the back of boxes for some recipes or write to the manufacturer to request recipes. Sugar and Diabetes

Weight Loss Nutrition – Sugars

Research studies show that, gram for gram, sugars, like table sugar, do not raise blood glucose any more quickly than do other carbohydrates, like potatoes, rice or pasta. This research holds true for people with both types of diabetes.

A variety of factors influence how quickly food is digested. A meal with a large amount of fat or fiber, lots of raw foods that take more time to digest, and eating slowly will help keep your blood glucose level on track. The blood glucose level at the time you eat and how much diabetes medication is in your body has a major impact, too.

More Weight Loss Nutrition Tips


  • Take off the skin either before or after cooking.
  • Eat 2-3 ounce portions (cooked).


  • Choose lower fat fish.
  • Prepare with small amounts of fat.
  • Eat 2-3 ounce portions (cooked).


  • Limit amount you eat.
  • Buy part skim, lower calorie cheeses.


  • Use the fat-free (skim) varieties.
  • Processed Foods:

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Weight Loss Nutrition – How to Eat Healthily & Control Weight
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