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Weight Loss Journal Helps You to Lose Fat

No one likes to write things down, except attorneys. It’s boring, time-consuming, too fiddly, and whenever you need a pen you can never find one. Even so, it’s very useful if you want to lose weight. So if you’re overweight and really want to do something about it, I strongly recommend you keep a weight loss journal.

What Do I Mean By a Weight Loss Journal

I mean a record of your progress. And I don’t just mean how much weight you lose. Ideally, you should record a number of different things, including:

– What you eat each day
– How much exercise you do each day
– What you weigh each week
– Your arm, bust, waist, hip and thigh measurements, every 2-weeks

Why a Weight Loss Journal Helps

It makes your whole weight reduction campaign more REAL. We take things more seriously when we write them down.

  • It helps us to track our calorie intake instead of guessing. You can total up your calories for the week and see for yourself what calorie-intake works for you. It also helps to “budget” for dining out.
  • It helps us to plan a proper exercise strategy. For example, if the previous week you averaged 3 miles walking per day, you can increase this by (say) an extra mile, and then see what effect this has on weight reduction. No more guessing, you can see the result in print.
  • It helps you to monitor improvements in your shape. This is very important as an extra motivator, especially if one week you don’t lose weight.

How Long Does it Take to Keep a Weight Loss Journal?

I estimate it takes about 4-5 minutes a day to keep your journal up to date. Which means even the busiest mom can do it.

A Super-Easy Weight Loss Journal

When you join my weight reduction program, you automatically get free membership of my awesome weight loss forum. In addition to providing you with fantastic personal support, the forum also allows you to keep a totally private weight loss journal in which you can track your progress towards your weight loss and body shape goals. And since my diet-plans give the calorie content of all foods, keeping a record of your calorie intake is child’s play.

Weight Loss Journal Helps You to Lose Fat
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