Celiacs Guide to Dairy and Meats

Celiacs Guide to Dairy Foods, Meats and Protein

Guide to Dairy Foods

Eat about 2-3 servings each day

Foods to Eat

All milk and milk products except those made with gluten additives. Aged cheese.

Foods To Avoid

Malted milk Some milk drinks, flavored or frozen yogurt.

Serving Sizes

– 1 cup milk or yogurt
– 1.5 oz natural cheese
– 2 oz processed cheese

Meats, Poultry, Fish, Dry Beans and Peas, Eggs, and Nuts For Celiacs

Eat about 2-3 servings or total of 6 oz daily

Foods to Eat

All meat, poultry, fish, and shellfish; eggs. Dry peas and beans, nuts, peanut butter, soybean. Cold cuts, frankfurters, or sausage without fillers.

Foods To Avoid

Any prepared with wheat, rye, oats, barley, gluten stabilizers, or fillers including some frankfurters, cold cuts, sandwich spreads, sausages, and canned meats. Self-basting turkey. Some egg substitutes.

Gluten-Free Food Suggestions

When eating out, choose meat, poultry, or fish made without breading, gravies, or sauces.

Serving Sizes

– 2-3 oz cooked
– 1 egg ( = 1oz meat)
– 1/2 cup cooked beans ( = 1oz meat)
– 2 tbsp peanut butter ( = 1oz meat)
– 1/3 cup nuts ( = 1oz meat)

Celiacs Guide to Dairy Foods, Meats and Protein
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