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Welcome to Ann Calorie-Counting Information Center! Cut calories and lose weight, find out your daily calorie needs, or create your own calorie-controlled diet. See how many calories in pizza, hamburgers, popcorn, ice cream and all popular food, or reduce your energy intake for better mid-life weight control.

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Calorie Tables

Calories in Alcohol
Generic Beer - Beer 1 - Beers 2 - Beers 3 - Beer 4 - Beer 5 - Light Beer Cocktails 1 - Cocktails 2
Spirits 1 - Spirits 2 - Liqueurs 1 - Liqueurs 2 - Wine Calories - Wine Spritzer

Calories in Soft Drinks
Cappuccino - Coffee - Starbucks Coffee - Coffee Creamers - Calories in Milk - Chocolate Milk
Orange Juice - Coca-Cola - Shakes - Soda - Soft Drinks

Calories Eating Out
Burritos - Chinese Food - Cheeseburgers - Calories Fast Food - French Fries - Fried Chicken
Hamburgers - Hot Dogs - Kosher Food - Mexican Food - Onion Rings - Pizza - Pan Pizza - Thin Pizza
Quarter Pounder - Quesadilla - Sandwiches - Subs - Sushi - Sushi 2 - Tacos

Calories in Snack Foods
Bagels - Cakes - Candy Chocolate - Candy Sweets - Chewing Gum - Chips - Chocolate - Cookies
Crackers - Croissants - Danish Pastries - Calories in Donuts - Granola Bars - Ice Cream - Icecream
Light Ice Cream - Licorice - Microwave Popcorn - Muffins - Peanuts - Peanut Butter - Popcorn

Calorie Savings

There are two easy ways to reduce calories. Either swap a high-calorie food for a lower-calorie item (eg. choose a cup of skim milk - 90 calories - rather than whole milk - 150 calories). Or, cut out a small high-calorie eating habit. For example, if you drink one less 16 fl oz can of beer a day, you save 67,000 calories a year - equivalent to about 19 pounds of body fat.

Calorie-Intake Affects Weight But Check Nutrition Too

Although weight reduction is founded on the energy equation (energy expenditure must exceed energy intake), calorie-counting does have its limitations. Nutrition is also important. According to at least one world expert in fat-metabolism, food energy cannot be properly metabolised without sufficient minerals and vitamins. This is why a healthy calorie-controlled eating plan should be based on nutrient-dense meals and snacks.

Calories in Meats
Alligator - Bacon - Beef - Buffalo - Chicken - Duck - Frankfurters - Franks - Game Birds - Game Meats
Goat - Lamb - Ostrich & Emu - Pork - Roast Beef - Steak - Steaks - Turkey - Unusual Meat - Veal

Calories in Fish
Anchovies - Caviar - Clams - Crab & Shellfish - Fish 1 - Fish 2 - Fish 3 - Octopus & Squid - Oysters
Salmon - Tuna - Barracuda, Shark, Whale, Fish

Calories in General Foods
Apples - Beans - Bread & Breadsticks - Bread Rolls - Bread - Breads Breakfast Cereal - Cereal - Butter & Margarine - Cream - Cheese - Cottage Cheese Cream Cheese - Cheese Substitutes - Dressings
Dried Beans - Dried Fruit Eggs - Egg Dishes - Egg Substitutes - Flour - Frozen Pizza - Fruit 1 - Fruit 2 Fruit 3 - Grains - Jelly - Light Spreads - Matzos - Mayonnaise - Mozzarella Noodles - Nuts & Seeds
Cooking Oils & Fats - Pancakes - Pasta - Pasta Per Cup - Pastry - Quiche - Rice - Sauces - Soy Foods
Soy Drinks - Soy Yogurt Tofu - Sugar Substitutes - Sugar - Toppings - Tortillas - Vegetables 1 Vegetables 2 - Vegetables 3 - Whipped Toppings - Yogurt - Frozen Yogurt - Is Bread High in Calories

Use Our Calorie Calculator
To automatically calculate your calorie needs using the recommended Harris-Benedict equation, without reading more explanation of metabolism, basal metabolic rate, and so on, click:

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Metabolic Rate Affects Calorie Burning

Our metabolism determines how rapidly our body burns calories while at rest. Some people have a relatively fast metabolic rate, so they burn energy faster than people with a slower metabolism. This is why they appear to be able to eat relatively large amounts of food without gaining weight. Although our metabolic rate is part of our genetic inheritance, we can raise it somewhat by taking regular aerobic exercise and by increasing our muscle-to-fat ratio. We can also maintain an efficient metabolism by eating nutritious food, by ensuring our energy-intake does not fall below about 1200 calories a day, and by eating something every 3-4 hours.

Calories in Basic Food Nutrients
Calories in Fat - Calories in Carbohydrates - Calories in Protein

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Please Note: All Calorific and Fat Values are Approximate
For more information about food energy calories, see Calories in Food

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