Exercise Helps Reduce Risk of Cellulite

Exercise Helps Reduce Risk of Cellulite

Lower Body Workouts Seem to Reduce Cellulite

Vigorous exercise, especially of the muscles in the area of the butt and thighs, like the gluteus maximus, quadriceps etc., seems to prevent cellulite. Anecdotal evidence suggests that athletes and ballet dancers seldom suffer from the dimpling, orange peel or cottage cheese effect of cellulite on their thighs. But whether exercise workouts can reduce cellulite once it appears is an open question.

Improved Lymph Drainage

According to some experts, the less body fat we have, the smaller our fat cells and the less pressure is exerted on the connective tissue. Result? Cellulite is less visible. Whether or not this is true, exercise definitely improves blood circulation in the skin, which is helpful for healthy skin and tissue, as well as lymph drainage – all factors that may impact on the appearance and extent of cellulite.

Saunas and Steam Baths Open Pores

After your anti-cellulite workout, hop into the sauna, or steamy bath. Both these treatments help to open up our sweat pores thereby increasing the elimination of toxins.

No Treatment is Guaranteed to Remove Cellulite

The eating and exercise advice in this article is no cure for cellulite. So don’t expect miracles. However, if you eat healthily and exercise regularly, your body will get stronger and better able to cope with cellulite. Whether you want to supplement your diet and exercise with creams, body-toning, body-brushing or anti-cellulite herbal treatments is strictly a matter of personal taste. Just remember – no treatment is guaranteed to remove cellulite.

Exercise Helps Reduce Risk of Cellulite
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