First off, let me be honest and say that there is no such thing as a diet that cures cellulite. In fact, no diet is guaranteed even to reduce the appearance of cellulite. The best we can hope for, is to improve our inner nutritional health and thereby maximixe our chances of the “cream-cheese” on our thighs gradually disappearing. So perhaps consider this so-called “cellulite diet plan” to be more of a healthy eating or cleansing plan.

Some Facts About Cellulite

1. No one knows the exact cause of cellulite.
2. No one knows how to cure it.
3. Cellulite is ‘localized fat’ not related to overall weight status.
4. Some thin people get cellulite, some obese people don’t.
5. Cellulite mainly affects women.
6. Cellulite is believed to be caused by a combination of genetics, lifestyle, diet, lack of exercise, hormone changes, estrogen and ageing. (You name it!)
7. Lots of people sell anti-cellulite products. (Many are useless)

There’s More to Life Than Cellulite Reduction

Drink lemon juice, don’t take hot baths, take up yoga, bathe in Epsom salts, wear loose clothes – these suggestions are just a few of the “essential ways to relieve cellulite” touted by experts. Frankly, I’m not sure about these so-called cellulite-reduction tips. There’s more to life than worrying about cellulite.

My advice: eat as healthily as possible, exercise regularly and be happy! This combination might not eliminate your cellulite, but it will help you to live longer, which can be quite useful.

Diet For Cellulite
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