Diabetic Diet

Diabetic Diet – Diabetes Diet Advice About Sugar

Choose sugar free or low sugar versions of soft drinks and sodas. Sugar in a liquid form is rapidly absorbed and raises blood glucose levels quickly.

Try experimenting by using less sugar in cooking and baking.

Look out for reduced sugar, low sugar and sugar free foods as they can help you to reduce the overall sugar content of your diet. Remember that the fat, calorie, fiber and salt content of the diet is important too.

Although jelly/jam is a high sugar food you only have a teaspoon or two on a slice of bread so the amount of sugar per serving is small. You may like reduced sugar jams because of the flavour but remember they won’t keep as long.

Savoury foods that contain sugar (like some sauces, soups and vegetables) can be eaten as usual.

Choose the reduced sugar versions of foods you tend to eat larger portions of and which you may eat regularly as part of a healthy diet.

Although you may worry about the sugar content of cakes, confectionery and cookies, fat content is an issue, too. Some varieties of biscuits are also lower in fat — so compare nutrition information per cookie to make a fair comparison.

As an alternative to cake there are lower fat baked products available, such as teacakes, malt loaf, scones and muffins. However, a piece of fancy cake on a special occasion such as a birthday will not harm the balance of your diet.

Cookies and cakes should not form a large part of your diet so those labe

Diabetic Diet – Diabetes Diet Advice About Sugar
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