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Weight Gain Natural With Age?

Is it Natural to Gain Weight With Age?

It’s true that our metabolic rate (how fast we burn calories) starts to slow down once we reach the age of about 30. According to estimates, for every 5 years we age after 30 we need to eat 50 calories less per day. So by age 60, all things being equal, we need about 300 fewer calories than at age 30.

The reason for this reduction in metabolic rate is mainly lack of exercise as we get older. This causes lean tissue loss and a corresponding increase in body fat which requires less calories.

Is Weight Gain Inevitable With Age? No!!

Although we tend to reduce exercise and thus gain weight with age, it is NOT inevitable. Increasing our level of exercise, reducing our calories and eating more nutrient-dense foods all help to prevent this age-related weight gain.

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Weight Gain Natural With Age?
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