Teen Weight Loss and Exercise

Teen Weight Loss and Exercise

As a teen, when it comes to losing excess fat or maintaining a healthy weight, regular exercise is almost as important as healthy eating. Teenagers who play regular sports or who take any form of regular physical activity are typically leaner and have fewer weight concerns than teens whose lifestyle is inactive.

Why Physical Activity is Cool

As a teenager, you have the time and the opportunity to try all types of sports and other physical activities. And all these fitness activities offer great health benefits. For example, if you exercise regularly during your teens, you will:

– Develop tons of energy
– Develop greater muscle strength and stamina
– Grow strong bones
– Raise your metabolic rate
– Avoid weight problems
– Feel happier
– Develop healthier skin

Physical Exercise Boosts Mental Fitness and Happiness

Aerobic exercise, like walking, jogging, swimming and most sports, increases the flow of oxygen to the brain as well as heart. So you think clearer and faster. in addition, exercise workouts increase the brain’s production of endorphins, natural chemicals that make you calm and happy. This improved mood may be the reason why surveys show that people who exercise regularly tend to eat less junk foods and choose healthier options.

Leading a Sedentary Life is Not Cool

Some teens give up sport. Instead, they spend their time playing computer games, watching TV, or doing other sedentary activities. Unfortunately, not only does this have unhealthy consequences in later life, it can have short term effects like weight gain, bad moods and unhealthy eating. So if you are an inactive teenager, take my advice: find a buddy and then find some kind of physical activity you both enjoy. It’ll make a big difference to your health and weight.

Will Exercise Give Me Bulky Muscles?

Teenage girls sometimes avoid exercise in case they develop bulky muscles, especially in the thighs and legs. This problem is easily avoided by doing 5 minutes of stretching exercises – before and after your workout – in order to stretch and elongate the muscles worked.

Exercise For Health, Happiness, Weight and Shape

Physical fitness is crucial for all teens. In combination with healthy eating, it’s the best way to boost health and happiness, reduce weight and maintain peak intellectual performance.

Teens – Move Your Butt!

I’m an ageing 50 year old, and I can manage a 16 hour working day and still find time to walk 4 miles a day. If I can do this at my age, you can do better!

Teen Weight Loss and Exercise
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