Leaner Shape Without Dieting

Get A Leaner Thinner Shape Without Dieting

We all know that diet and exercise is the best approach in order to improve our shape and make it leaner. But is there an easier way?

Answer: Yes, there is! Choose clothes that make you LOOK thinner!!

What to Wear To Give yourself a Leaner Look

1. Go Monochrome!

Monochromatic dressing – wearing just one color from head to toe – is the favorite trick of virtually every fashion editor and stylist. Two colors break the body in half and a lighter color on the bottom makes you look bottom-heavy. One dark color creates a longer, leaner look. Black is the most slimming color, but any dark color is good.

Note: If you really want to wear two colors, then wear the the darker color on the bottom and the lighter on top.

A “Monochrome Look” doesn’t have to be dull. Far from it. This is where a mixture of textures can add richness, interest and sophistication to any outfit. Mix soft wool, cashmere, suede, velvet and silk in the same color. This helps create interest without taking away the magic “Vertical Line” that makes you look long and lean!

2. Blend Shades Of The Same Color

Another great way to create the long-lean look is to blend different shades of the same color. Blend lighter and darker shades of one color. Blend a range of greys, from pearl grey to slate, to charcoal, or mix a range of browns from stone to taupe to coffee. But remember: keep the lighter colors on top.

3. How to Mix Colors

If you want to go for a mixture of color, do so, but keep it dark! Mix any subtle dark color like mink brown, charcoal grey, deep forest green, with black. Remember everything should “flow” without interruption from top to toe.

4. Other Tips to Improve Body Shape

Skirts should be longer than they are wide. Fuller skirts look better longer; straight skirts look better shorter. Hem lines look better when they reach the narrowest part of the calf. Avoid wearing very long skirts as they can be ageing. If you are bottom-heavy, avoid pleats as they can add pounds to your shape.

Choose long-line, single-breasted jackets with hidden pockets. Avoid belts, bulky pockets and anything that draws attention to the midriff.

Avoid wide-bottom pants, as they can make you look bigger than you really are! Instead choose well-cut, tailored, straight-legged pants, ideally without pockets, or with ‘hidden’ pockets.

A Note About How Adults Perceive Their Weight and Body Shape

Research into body image by Kellogg’s corporation reveals that women typically base their perception of their body shape on supermodels and Hollywood film stars, rather than on ordinary women. But according to research, models and film stars are 15-23 percent lower in weight and 5-6 inches taller than the ‘average’ American woman who is 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 138 pounds. No wonder an estimated 95 percent of women feel depressed about their weight and shape.

The moral? Don’t compare your weight or shape with these artificial people. Dress in lean-looking clothes, and if you want to actually reduce weight, choose a healthy eating plan, take regular exercise and let Nature do the rest.

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Get A Leaner Thinner Shape Without Dieting
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