Exercise Benefits IBS Symptoms

Exercise Benefits IBS Symptoms

Careful eating and choice of foods is essential for anyone suffering from irritable bowel syndrome. But so is exercise. Here are 4 reasons why anyone with IBS should combine healthy eating with regular exercise.

Exercise Benefits Eating Habits and Diet Compliance

Changing our eating habits is never easy, even if the perceived benefits (in this case, reducing IBS symptoms like diarrhea, or constipation) are significant. Exercise and physical activity helps to distract us from the aggravation of diet modification and boost diet compliance.

Exercise Benefits Snack Habits

Snacking is essential for optimum health, especially for IBS sufferers. However, bad snacking caused by comfort-eating can be an obstacle for any dieter. Taking regular physical exercise is proven to reduce this kind of snacking and regulate hunger pangs.

Exercise Improves the Bowel

Even gentle exercise works the muscles of the bowel and helps them to return to a pattern of normal contractions. Exercise is especially beneficial for constipation. It doesn’t have to be vigorous exercise: walking or stretching or gentle yoga movements are fine.

Exercise Benefits Stress: Crucial For IBS

Most doctors consider that stress is a key trigger of irritable bowel symptoms. Exercise is proven to improve mood through the release of “happiness chemicals” known as endorphins. In fact, regular fitness workouts are an essential part of any stress management program. Even simple stretches or gentle yoga-type exercises help to relieve IBS.

Exercise Benefits IBS Symptoms
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