Obesity Drug Treatment

Drug Treatment to Reduce Obesity – A Short Article

Obesity is now the “Trillion Dollar Disease.” And weight loss drugs and medications are now being used as a major treatment method.

  • Weight-loss medications should be used with a program of behavioral, dietary and exercise counseling designed to help you make long-term changes in your diet and physical activity. Weight loss drugs alone can’t solve a serious weight problem.
  • If you and your doctor decide that weight loss drugs are a viable option for your weight problem, report back to your doctor regularly so that he/she can monitor how your health and weight are responding to the drugs.
  • Long-term use of prescription weight-loss medications may be helpful for carefully selected individuals, but little information is available on the safety and effectiveness of weight loss drugs when used for more than 2 years. By evaluating your risk of experiencing obesity-related health problems, you and your physician can make an informed choice as to whether medication can be a useful part of your weight-management program.
  • Note: Use of weight-loss medications for cosmetic purposes is not appropriate.