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Yoga Fitness

Most yoga workouts involve breathing exercises, meditation, and postures (Asanas) that stretch and flex a variety of muscle groups. There are many different types of yoga, including: Ashtanga YogaMantra-YogaRaja-YogaHatha-YogaJnana-YogaKarma-Yoga, and Bhakti-Yoga.

Yoga exercise workouts offer a wide range of fitness benefits, including improved musculoskeletal flexibility, body posture, muscle toning and strength. Yoga fitness programs can also lead to higher energy levels, improved weight control, reduction of sleep problems and reduced pain levels.

A good way to learn about yoga exercises, including asanas, breathing techniques and meditation, is to join a class led by a qualified yoga expert. Or learn about yoga at home using a Yoga-For-Beginners DVD.

Yoga is not an aerobic exercise so it won’t burn a large number of calories. Even so, it does help to increase muscle tissue, which helps to raise your metabolic rate. So you burn fewer calories, and hopefully lose weight. In addition, yoga is an excellent stress-reliever and definitely helps to reduce comfort-eating or stress-eating. This is a major weight loss benefit.

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