xenical diet pills

Xenical Diet Pills
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Xenical Diet Pills

Xenical (active ingredient Orlistat) is a prescription-only obesity pill. Xenical acts in the stomach and small intestine to prevent normal metabolism and digestion of fat. It causes about 30 percent of fat-calories to transit the gastrointestinal tract undigested and exit the body as feces. So fewer calories are digested – causing a reduction in weight.

Xenical is prescribed only for clinically obese patients (body mass index of 30+). Because Xenical does not affect the brain or nervous system, it is a safe anti-obesity treatment for patients suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease. In fact Xenical is one of only two weight loss drugs which are FDA-approved for long-term treatment of obesity and is the only weight loss pharmaceutical approved for treatment of obesity in high-risk patients. All patients taking Xenical must follow a low-fat diet plan to minimize unpleasant changes in bowel movements.

Even though Xenical is an effective long term anti-obesity pharmaceutical, like all weight loss drugs it should be combined with a healthy diet (low-fat in this case) in order to help you develop good long term eating habits. You should not rely on Xenical alone in order to achieve your weight goals. Regular exercise to increase your energy expenditure is also recommended.

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