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Weight training (strength-training) involves exercising with weights, not “weight-lifting”. It includes exercises such as push-ups or chin-ups. The overall aim of weight-training is to increase strength levels in order to improve general physical fitness.

Isotonic Weight Training
In isotonic exercises the resistance does not change throughout the range of motion. Most gym weight-machines are isotonic, as are freeweights.

Isometric Weight Training
In isometric exercises (eg. arm wrestling) a force is applied to a resistant object during which the length of the muscle does not change. Isometric exercises are included in fitness programs for muscle strengthening.

Specific Weight Training Exercises
These include exercises (eg. squat-thrusts, chin-ups, push-ups, ab-crunches) which involve lifting the body against the resistance of gravity

Strength-Training And Weight Gain

Many dieters include strength-training or resistance-training exercises in their gym workout to lose weight, only to discover that they GAIN weight instead of losing it! If this happens to you, don’t worry – it’s a sign you are gaining muscle. Point is, muscle tissue weighs more than fat tissue, so you can gain weight even though you lose inches. The good news is, the more muscle mass you have (and thus the lower your body fat percentage), the more calories you can eat without gaining weight. This is because muscle requires more energy than fat to maintain it.

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