Weight Strength Training

Weight/Strength Training

Cardio-aerobic exercise is very good for weight loss, but so is strength training and working with weights. For best weight-loss results you should combine both in your weekly workout routine.

What is Weight/Strength Training?

Weight/strength training is any exercise that uses resistance – like, weights – to strengthen and condition the muscules and skeleton in order to improve muscle tone, endurance, lean body tissue. Weight/strength training includes, weights, rowing, climbing stairs, as well as exercises like pushups.

Weight/Strength Training – The Big Benefit for Weight Control

The biggest weight-control benefit of weight/strength training is
raised metabolic rate. This is achieved in two ways.

  • By burning more calories.
  • By increasing lean muscle mass

Note: Adults who are sedentary will experience an annual half-pound loss of muscle and half-percent reduction in metabolic rate unless they begin some form of weight/strength or resistance training.