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Results of Your Answers

What Your Points Mean – By Anne Collins

Here is my general assessment based on your Quiz score.

Less than 19 Points

My guess is, you’ve tried every diet and weight loss solution on the market, without ever finding something that works for you. Maybe you have lost weight many times, but ended up regaining everything and more. I’m guessing you have at least one of these mini-problems: (1) you may have no incentive (2) you are afraid of food (3) you jump on the scales every minute!

20-24 Points

My guess is, you are much more of a “giver” than a “taker”. Or maybe you don’t have as much “me-time” as you would like. Either way, chances are you haven’t had much luck with dieting in the past. But that was then, this is now. Couple of extra points. First, make your diet as easy as possible. By this I mean – don’t go hungry! If necessary eat more than your allowance rather than too little. Second, don’t expect to be perfect and achieve instant results. Focus on eating healthy foods, get active, and let Nature take it’s course.

25-34 Points

My guess is, you have strong points and weak points. Maybe you try too hard, or maybe you think you can go-it-alone. Either way, when you diet you probably do real well until some unforeseen problem occurs and BANG! The wheels come off the wagon! Coping with this situation requires a little advance planning. Don’t rely on willpower. Instead, place your trust in a full stomach and a good incentive. For example, try NOT to have a refrigerator full of tempting high-calorie foods. Instead, fill it with healthy stuff and a small number of manageable treats.

35-44 Points

Although you are motivated and probably doing well, my guess is, you have a weak spot, which has (so far) prevented you from achieving your weight loss goals. Maybe it’s a very demanding career, or maybe you are going through the menopause, or maybe you have other distractions. One word of caution: don’t try to be too perfect. Otherwise you risk too many disappointments that will sap your motivation. Instead, focus on trying to “bounce back.”

45+ Points

Wow! You know what you want and you know the pitfalls. My guess is, you’ve enjoyed significant weight loss success in the past, but maybe have encountered recent difficulties. Have you suffered an episode of serious stress recently? Are you entering the menopause? Whatever the issue, please don’t worry – I’m sure it will only be temporary. You will succeed, I promise.

NOTE: The whole point of the ‘quiz’ is a way of raising issues which we need to think about when we want to lose weight. The “correct” answers offer a kind of pathway through the minefield of dieting.

It doesn’t matter what your score is today. The idea is to highlight areas that you may currently be having difficulty with, and if this helps you to pinpoint these then you’ll find it much easier to shed those pounds. Good luck to each and every one of you.

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