weight loss tools

Weight Loss Tools
Guide To Resources & Links About Weight Management Tools

Weight Loss Tools

There are tons of online weight loss tools and calculators to help you track your body mass index, calorie intake, cholesterol intake, sodium intake, calorie expenditure, metabolic rate, nutritional intake, GI food intake and calorie needs.

To Check Your Body Mass Index
See: Body Mass Index Calculator

To Establish Your Calorie Intake
– See: Calorie Needs For Women
– See: Calorie Needs For Men

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Other Weight Management Tools

Other useful weight loss tools include:

  • Weighing Scales
    Essential in order to measure your weight loss. Weigh yourself without clothes, once a week, first thing in the morning. Place the scales on the same spot.
  • A food journal.
    This allows you to keep a record of exactly what you eat. Useful to keep track of your calories.
  • A food calorie book.
    This is ideal when meal planning, or dining out. Knowing the calorie content of a particular food or meal can save you calories.
  • Diet disaster plan.
    All dieters have bad days when they overeat. Trouble is, many feel so guilty, they quit dieting and stay overweight. Better to have a plan to cope with these inevitable diet-disasters. This helps you avoid guilt, ride the storm then return to your weight loss plan.
  • Fitness tools.
    These include a heart-rate monitor, pedometer, or software to help you monitor your fitness progress.

Weight Loss Help
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Advice about diet and fat reduction.

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Advice about Anne Collins weight management program.

Weight Loss Programs Guide
Advice about choosing a healthy weight loss diet.

Healthy Diet Advice
Guide to Healthy dieting.

Guide To Calories In Food
Advice about calorie content of food, calorie intake and calorie needs.

Cholesterol Lowering Diet
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Reviews Of Diets And Weight Loss Programs
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Guide To Obesity
Advice for mild, severe, morbid and super obese. Plus abdominal obesity help.

Bariatric Surgery Guide
Advice about Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, Lap band and other gastric reduction operations, including laparoscopy.

Weight Loss Drugs To Reduce Obesity
Guide to obesity medications.

Check Your Calorie Needs
Calorie calculator for women.

Check Your Body Mass Index
BMI calculator and advice about body fat.

How to Measure Your Body Fat
Composition Tracker software allows you to easily measure, track and analyze your body fat levels. Know instantly if you are actually losing fat. Free Trial Download.

Waist Hip Ratio
Check your waist and hips with a calculator.