weight loss supplements

Weight Loss Supplements
Guide To Resources & Links About Supplements to Lose Weight

Weight Loss Supplements

These are the sort of weight reduction pills you can buy off the shelf in health stores or pharmacies without the need for prescriptions. These weight loss supplements are widely available online. Among the many types of dietary supplements, you can find: Carb Blockers, Coral Calcium, CoQ10, Creatine, Fat-Trappers, Fat Burners, HGH and Hoodia, to name but a few. These supplements claim to reduce weight in a variety of ways. Either by reducing appetite, preventing normal absorption of fats or carbs, or by artificially filling up the stomach with fiber. Sample brands of weight loss supplements include: Herbalife, Metabolife, Zantrex-3, and Xenadrine-EFX.

Non-prescription weight loss supplements are less effective than prescription weight loss and diet pills. Also note that there are fewer clinical trials of these weight loss products. Unless supplements contain previously unused ingredients, regulations permit these pills to be sold without being tested for health and safety.

Unfortunately, most clinical trials demonstrate that sustained weight loss is not possible unless we combine pills with diet and exercise improvements.

Whatever brand of weight loss supplements you use, you should ALWAYS consult your doctor beforehand, to minimize the danger of side effects and adverse health consequences.

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