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Login Help

If you have a login query, you should find the solution on this page.

If you cannot find a solution on this page, please do not worry.
My weight loss program is run by real live human beings and our reputation for customer service is second to none. Whatever the issue, we will solve your problem as quickly as possible.

If You Can’t Login

Q. Do you normally log in using your e-mail address?
If so, you can log in by clicking here.
Q. Have You Entered The Correct Details?

Remember, all passwords and usernames are Case Sensitive.
Q. Forgotten Your Password?
If so, you can change it via our forum by clicking here.
Q. Forgotten Your Username?
If so, you can change it via our forum by clicking here.
Q. Are You Trying to Login With ‘apple’ or ‘beaver’ Usernames?
If so, click here to re-register.
Q. Has Your Membership Expired?
If so, click here to re-join.

Clearing Cache and Cookies

Very often, a login problem is resolved by clearing your cache and/or cookies. Here’s what to do:

1. How To Clear Your Cache
– On your keyboard, hold down the CTRL key, and press F5.
– Now please try logging in again.

If this does not work, you may need to clear your Cookies.

2. How To Clear Your Cookies
– Click the Start button.
– Click All Programs.
– Click Internet Explorer. The Internet Explorer window appears.
– Click the Tools menu.
– Click Internet Options. The Internet Options window appears.
– Click the Delete Cookies button.
– The Do You Want to Delete All Cookies in the Temporary Internet Folder? window appears.
– Click the OK button.
– The cookies are deleted.
– Now please try logging in again.

If this does not work you may need to clear your cache of temporary internet files.

3. How to Clear Your Cache of Temporary Internet Files
– Click on Start.
– Click Settings.
– Click Control Panel.
– Look for the icon which says Internet Options and click on it.
– Look for a window which allows you to “delete temporary internet files” and click delete.
– Now please try logging in again.

Need More Help?

If you cannot find the answer above, please Contact Us.
Note: When contacting us, you will need your email address and transaction id number. Your transaction id number is the unique reference number you were given (by PayPal or WorldPay) when you joined the program. It is your proof of membership.