Weight Loss Laxatives

Are Laxatives Good for Weight Loss?

No. Using laxatives is not a good way to lose weight. Most weight loss is usually fluid-loss and health dangers can be significant.

Laxatives and Weight Control

Laxative abuse is a common form of “weight control,” particularly in those suffering from eating disorders. The actual purpose of taking a laxative is to stimulate the large bowel to empty, which occurs only after the food and calories have been absorbed via the small intestines. Some who takes laxatives to control weight is only going to cause their body to lose fluid, which can be followed by periods of water retention and an appearance of bloating (causing the individual to want to lose more weight and use more laxatives).

The reason people seem to lose weight while taking laxatives is usually because they are reducing their caloric intake and food consumption, and/or compulsively exercising.

Weight Loss and Laxatives – Conclusion

In a nutshell, taking laxatives for weight control or weight loss purposes is neither good for fat-loss, nor good for health. Prolonged use leads to cramps, bloating, water retention and – when laxative-use stops – withdrawal symptoms.