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Weight Loss Drinks
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Weight Loss Drinks

Drinks sold to enhance weight reduction are usually shakes. These drinks are typically low in calories, but contain micronutrients like vitamins and minerals. They are usually sold to dieters as part of a liquid diet program or meal replacement diet plan. SlimFast, MediFast and NutriSystem are the most popular brands of meal replacement weight loss plans.

Medically supervised liquid diets are usually reserved for severely obese patients, and can be highly effective in helping such patients to lose weight. However, the use of weight loss drinks and other meal replacements is commonly a short term response to weight control, as these diet programs do not teach dieters how to make healthy food choices.

Thus, while nutritionally formulated drinks for weight control are helpful in achieving essential calorie reduction, they are not a long term solution to overweight. The best diet drink remains water. It has no calories and helps to maintain a healthy metabolism.

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