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Weight Loss Pills
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Weight Loss Pills

You can buy all types of prescription-only weight loss and diet pills. Designed to reduce severe clinical obesity, most of them are appetite suppressants, such as PhentermineAdipexBontrilDidrex and Tenuate. These pills reduce appetite by acting on the nervous system to stimulate the heart. Xenical, by contrast, is a lipase-inhibitor and acts on the digestive system in the gut to reduce the absorption of dietary fat. The latest generation of weight loss drugs, such as Meridia/Sibutramine, act on chemicals in the brain to reduce appetite and calorie intake. Xenical and Meridia are the only two obesity drugs which are FDA-approved for long term use by obese patients.

Losing body fat by taking weight loss pills is perfectly possible, but diet and exercise are still important. For example, the instructions on most brands of pills or weight loss supplements state the necessity of following a calorie-restricted diet plan and taking regular exercise. Xenical users must follow a low-fat calorie-controlled eating plan.

Non-prescription diet pills include supplements like Chitosan, CLA, CoQ10, Coral Calcium, Herbalife, Hoodia, Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Hydroxycut, and Metabolife, herbal weight loss pills and a range of amphetamine-type pills called fat-burners.

Results from clinical weight loss trials show that people who take pills as part of a healthy diet and fitness program lose more body fat than those who use medications alone.

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