Weight Loss Diet Advice

Weight Loss Diet Advice from Anne Collins

Over the past two decades, I’ve helped thousands of dieters to lose weight.

  • I am a full-time weight loss consultant, and nutritionist.
  • I give talks on all aspects of dieting and weight loss and I hold regular weight loss clinics.
  • I deal with as many as 250 different dieters, per week.
  • Many of these dieters have been the victims of fad diets, very low calorie diets, fat-burning diets, single-food diets, diet supplements, expensive diet foods or weight loss aids like diet pills, appetite suppressants and so-called ‘fat-burning’ weight loss supplements.
  • Many suffer from obesity, obesity related conditions and/or yo-yo dieting.

Based on this experience, here are 4 suggestions about weight loss diets.

How Dieters Explain Anne Collins Weight Loss Pogram


1. A Diet is NOT a Magic Solution to a Weight Problem!

Do not expect your diet program to lose weight for you or to solve ALL your problems.

Remember, a diet is no more than a weight loss tool.
To lose weight, you have to learn how you use it.
It’s no good following it without thinking, like a robot.

When you start a diet:

  • Be prepared to adapt the diet to your lifestyle.
  • Learn about diet nutrition and weight loss issues.
  • Read food labels.
  • Get active!

Bottom Line :
Treat your diet like a weight loss TOOL, not a weight loss BIBLE.

2. A Good Weight Loss Diet Should Aim to Improve Your Long Term Eating Habits
How Dieters Explain Anne Collins Weight Loss Program

Any weight loss diet or weight loss program that does NOT teach you good long-term eating habits will NOT solve your weight problem.

  • The diet should include all food groups.
  • The diet should offer an eating plan that can be followed for life.
  • The diet should include enough information to help you make informed choices on calories, fat and general dietary modification.

Therefore, all fad diets, fat-burning diets, single-food diets, diet supplements, expensive pre-packaged diet foods and all weight loss gimmicks like weight loss patches, appetite suppressants and ‘fat-burning’ weight loss supplements are not likely to tackle your weight loss problem. Because none of these things will improve your LONG TERM EATING HABITS.

The key question you should ask of any weight loss diet, is this:

Will this diet train me to eat right in the long-term?

How Dieters Explain Anne Collins Weight Loss Program


3. Successful Weight Loss Involves Making Mistakes, Then Learning from Them

Many dieters are “all or nothing” people. The moment they make a mistake they think they have ruined their chances of losing weight and quit dieting, in despair.

This is a crazy approach to diet and weight loss.
Instead, try this:

  • Think of your diet as a 100 mile walk, with no time limit. Take pauses whenever you like.
  • If you have an unplanned binge, or departure from your diet plan, relax, wait till it blows over and then go back on the diet. At worst, your weight loss will be posted a few days. Big deal!
  • Set yourself small weight loss targets – e.g. to lose 4 pounds, per fortnight.
  • Remember: the slower the diet, the faster the weight loss. Why?
    Because you don’t regain it.

How Dieters Explain Anne Collins Weight Loss Program


4. Hunger Kills Diets

Most dieters are obsessed with reducing their calorie intake or the amount of food they eat. This is a mistake.

The truth is, hunger is Weight Loss Enemy Number One!

Why? Because hunger destroys our motivation to lose weight.
A full stomach is still our best protection against eating-binges, food cravings and junk food temptation.

How Dieters Explain Anne Collins Weight Loss Program