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When you join our weight loss program we treat you like a real person.
So, we assume you need help and encouragement to lose weight.
And our Community Forum helps you EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.

No matter how overweight or obese you are, we will help you to achieve your goals. Because when you get proper support, everything is possible!

What People Say About Our Weight Loss Community

This is a great place for motivation, support, ideas, etc. I have literally dieted 38 of my 48 years and I HAVE LEARNED MORE IN THE SIX WEEKS SINCE I JOINED THIS GROUP than ever before. Oh, I knew all there was to know about calories, fat grams, carbs, etc. I could write my own book. What I have learned….actually, what I am learning is about self-image, positive attitude, etc. I knew all the physical stuff but here I am learning about the mental part of weight loss. I am finding out that is an essential part of any weight loss program.
Forum Username: apricotC

Anne, I don’t know what to say except thank you. I really appreciate seeing that you are truly a real person, and not some figment of this technology world we live in! Your spirit for life is very uplifting and encouraging. If there was a “selfless, giving, loving, kind, understanding, and patient person” of the year (okay life) award I know several people here who would be nominating you!
Forum Username: Themanns (Northwest Ohio)

Anne, You truly are an inspiration to all of us and I thank God for you and your honesty in business. I get so sick hearing all the scams advertized on TV to take a pill and take it off while you sleep, without changing what you eat, etc, etc…who are they kidding? Thanks again for always being there and so supportive, good or bad – I don’t think anyone is afraid to report because we know there is no condemnation in your words -only encouragement to keep on keepin’ on. To know you is to love you and I amongst others feel like I know you and truly I am a Blessedgirl to be part of this program..
Forum Username: Tucker (Georgia)

Anne, thanks so much for your comments! I’m really having a great time getting to know everyone and ENJOYING this journey, not focusing solely on the destination. EVERYONE on this forum has such a wonderful story and there’s so much inspiration. Your plans are so livable and support is so available …
Forum Username: ShiningStar (Texas)

Anne, You’re an amazing woman, and you mean so much to all of us. It is nice to get to “know” you. You’re a shining example to all of us who struggle with our day to day problems in life. Thank you for everything.
Forum Username: KCKathy (Kansas)

Anne, Thanks so much for this forum. I would not be making the progress I am without it. I look forward to posting my weight each week and getting yours and others feedback. I’m eating so good now compared to what I had been and I’m not feeling starved or stressed about eating over a daily allowance. If I’m hungry, I just try to eat something healthy. I can’t tell you how good it feels to not be bulging out of my clothes anymore. I am so confident and excited knowing that I will get my weight down to the 180/170 range where it belongs and that I will be able to maintain it there. The worst part for me about being so overweight is that I feel like I’m walking around with a sign saying that I have no self-discipline. At work, I’m in a management position and I’m embarrassed about how I look and that it’s obvious to everyone that I lack discipline. At home my lack of discipline is a lousy example to my kids. Anyway, I’ve struggled with my weight all my life and I just wanted to thank you. You’re doing a great service for so many.
Forum Username: fred_pj

Anne, I personally appreciate all that you do for not just myself but for all the others here who depend so much on your support. I never imagined such a support system, actually had a hard time believing it would be as it advertised…and here I am actually getting to know you via internet…thank God for the internet… Bless you my friend…
Forum Username: TinyTina (Canada)

We’re all better people because of you Anne. I talk about you at least once a day to my friends and/or family.
Forum Username: Bittybird (Virginia)

This place feels like a kind of sisterhood (and brotherhood…don’t want to leave out the guys!) and much of that is attributable to YOU. Thank you for all you do…you are so important to each and every one of us.
Forum Username: LadyJMayo (Tennessee)

I have a ton of people begging me to tell them what plan I’m on. I actually printed up little business cards with the web information on it so I can just hand it to them! I personally feel that Anne and her knowledge has helped me to regain control of my body and in turn the rest of my life!
Forum Username: Plays with Fire (Massachusetts)

Anne, I had a very strong inkling you were the kind of person you are from the day I first signed on as a member, judging both by your quick personal response and by the fact that you did not charge a fortune for your diet plans, as I know many others would have. Everything I have learnt about you since has only served to reinforce that first impression. You are
truly a remarkable woman and I am extremely lucky to have come across you.
Forum Username: Jackie (England)

Thank you Anne, for the supportive comments. It really helps me to strive to reach my goals! I’m just so happy to be out of the obese range again. Gastric Bypass surgery over 4 years ago helped me to get there, but my issues with food never left. Your program and the fellowship that is on the forum, is paramount to successful weight loss. Thank you for having this program. I am determined to become a healthy weight so that I may live long and to my potential.
Forum Username: bethmoore71

Anne, thank you so much for your encouragement and I wish I knew your magic formula because no one has been able to get through to me before like this community and you have. I am so grateful.
Forum Username: willdooit (Florida)

Hi Anne, First let me introduce myself and say I am making great progress, making new friends, coming out of a 8 month period of near despair (had my son diagnosed w/biopolar after 14 years, 2 car wrecks and gave up a music ministry that I was a conductor for 7 years.) I have found more kindness and charity in this group than in my 35 year “walk of faith.” You must be one special, talented lady and all I can humbly say is thank you for having initiated this weight loss forum! GBY! If you ever have public speaking engagements in my area than Count Me In!
Forum Username: Judytheorganizer (Massachusetts)