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Anne Collins Weight Loss Program Photo Album
Pictures of Members Who Have Lost Weight

Melissa is 40, has lost 150 pounds over 2.5 years and is now working on her last 15 pounds.

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“I’ve tried on and off my whole life to lose weight, and while I managed to lose some, it wasn’t until I signed up for Anne Collins weight loss program that I felt I was actually learning HOW to eat so the weight will stay off.”

“Learning to change my eating habits as a lifestyle change and not just another diet is the best part of the Anne Collins program. The education and support I received was priceless.”

“The diet plans are great! Very flexible and easy to follow. All the options make it an interesting diet that is easy to follow, and easy to fit into my lifestyle.”

“Since my highest weight, I’ve lost almost 150 pounds. Using the Anne Collins plan, I’ve learned how to fit healthy eating and exercise into my daily life.”

“In the past I’ve lost hundreds of pounds in my life, only to put them back on, and more. With Anne Collins, I believe I have finally found the way to lose weight without feeling deprived, and I believe the weight will stay off.”