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Choosing An Effective Weight Loss Diet
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How to Choose a Good Weight Loss Diet

Weight loss is big business. There are so many different fad diets, weight loss plans, diet pills, supplements and other weight loss products to choose from. So what type of diet or weight loss product is best?

How Effective are Fad Diets, Fat-burning Diets, Diet Pills, Diet Supplements, Patches and Other Similar Weight Loss Options?

These weight loss products and services are not the answer to your weight problem. Why not? Because lasting fat-loss is not possible without modifying your diet and lifestyle. There is little, if any, evidence that weight loss pills or fad diets can help you to develop healthy eating habits. If anything, these so-called “weight loss products” encourage a short-term attitude to weight control which often leads to weight gain, disordered eating patterns and yo yo dieting.

The best type of weight loss product is one that tackles the real causes of weight gain – viz, eating habits and physical exercise.

The Three Laws of Successful Weight Loss

1. Follow a healthy, calorie-controlled diet.
2. Aim to achieve steady weight loss.
3. Combine this with a realistic daily exercise program.

In other words, successful weight loss means developing the sort of eating and exercise habits that will help you to lose weight and stay in shape for ever – not just for your friend’s wedding next month!