weighing scales

Hide Your Weighing Scales

Hide Your Weighing Scales

Weighing scales invariably bring us bad news.
They tell us we are not losing weight when (of course) we know we are!!
In short, weighing scales are nasty things.

Solution? Shoot them!
Okay, you can’t shoot them, but you can hide them!
A New Approach to Weight Loss

Ignore your weighing scales for a month or so and focus on improving your eating habits.

This is not quite as stupid as it sounds. Trust me.

You see weighing scales make you think SHORT-TERM THOUGHTS
Like – How much do I weigh THIS week?

Whereas, for lasting weight loss you should be thinking

How much am I going to weigh in six months?
I’m going to slowly reduce my weight and improve my body shape
because I know that slow steady weight loss lasts for ever.

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