vitamin c

Vitamin C

Vitamins, Health & Weight Loss
Good diet nutrition is essential for optimum health – including efficient metabolism, stable blood sugar levels and appetite, all of which affect weight control and how fast we lose weight. Vitamins play an essential role in diet nutrition and weight control.

Vitamin C

Most animals make their own vitamin C.
Unfortunately, like guinea pigs and apes, we can’t, so we have to get it from food.

How Vitamin C helps

Boosts immunity
Fights infection
Protects against cancer
Helps to protect against heart disease, arthritis and diabetes
Improves iron absorption from food
Good for bones and teeth
May help to overcome male infertility

Good food sources of Vitamin C

Blackcurrants, broccoli, green peppers, kiwi fruits, Brussels Sprouts, lemons, oranges, strawberries, cabbage. All other fruits and vegetables.

60 per cent destroyed by heat. Also lost in cooking water unless reused. So to maximise your intake of vitamin C, eat raw vegetables, fruits and salads.

Deficiency symptoms of Vitamin C

Bleeding gums. Loosening of teeth. Increase in colds and flu. Cuts/infections take longer to heal. Weakness and lethargy. Irritability. Insomnia.

People with an increased risk of Vitamin C deficiency include

Smokers (NB. each cigarettes robs us of approx 25 mg of vitamin C)
City dwellers or anyone subject to pollution
Heavy drinkers
Women on the pill
People who take aspirin, antibiotics, anti-arthritic drugs
Those under stress
The elderly.

Recommended daily allowance for Vitamin C

US RDA: 60mg
EU RDA: 60mg

The Importance of a Balanced Diet
If you have been a regular follower of fad diets, regular fasting, single food diets, yo-yo dieting or diet/weight loss pills, you may already be deficient in vitamins and minerals. This may be why you find it difficult to lose weight, or sustain weight loss in the long term.

Solution: Follow a balanced diet that offers slow steady weight loss and includes advice on exercise. Anne Collins Weight Loss Diet Program is a good choice.