Anne Collins Vegetarian Diet
For vegetarians who eat milk & eggs

Vegetarian Diet Page 1.
This page contains Introduction and FAQ.


Welcome to my vegetarian diet! 
My name is Anne Collins and I’m going to help you to
lose weight and change your life.

I don’t care how fat you are, or how long you’ve been fat. I don’t care how bad your eating habits are. As long as follow my advice, I’m confident I can help you sort out your weight problem and get into shape.

What makes me so confident?
Because I’ve been helping people to lose weight, for 20 years. I’ve helped people of all ages and sizes, including those who were so overweight (420 pounds +) that they broke my scales. I’ve helped people with cholesterol problems, blood pressure problems, breathing problems, gall-bladder problems and worse. So please have confidence in what I tell you.

What’s my secret? I have firm rules.
For example, my diet has 12 rules which I expect you to follow exactly. Why? Because they help you to make the necessary changes to your eating habits. They are easy to follow and I’ll give you as much support as I can, through my 365-day Helpline, but if you don’t like the idea of following rules, I suggest you stop dieting now. Because unless you are willing to change your habits, you’ll find dieting very difficult. My rules make losing weight easy – so please follow them!

The good news is, if you follow my advice, I guarantee you’ll lose weight and feel great.
How much will you lose and how fast? I can’t say. Only a fool would predict such things. It depends on several factors, including: your present weight, your lifestyle, the regularity of your daily routine and the amount of stress you’re under. The human body is a complicated machine and it doesn’t lose weight like clockwork. But here’s a rough guide of what I would expect you to achieve.

  • If you are 250 pounds with an ordinary lifestyle, I would expect you to slim down to 140 pounds in 12 months.

  • If you weight 200 pounds and want to lose 50 pounds, you should do it in about 6 months.

  • If you have only 30 pounds to lose, my diet will help you to lose about 2 pounds a week.

  • Don’t even think of trying to lose weight any faster – because you won’t. Take my word for it.

There are lots of other benefits.
My diet is designed to help you develop lots of good eating habits, so once you’ve lost weight you’ll find it much easier to keep it off. In addition, as well as helping you to get slim, my diet will boost your energy and strengthen your defenses against heart disease and cancer.

One word of warning, however.
My diet will only do these things for you if you follow it exactly. You can’t pick and choose the bits you follow. You must follow it exactly.

For example:


If you don’t do much cooking and you prefer to eat fast food instead, you MUST eat more home-cooked food. This is essential. Why? Because doing your own cooking gives you much more control. Going out to eat may be more convenient, but it’s one of the main reasons why so many Americans are overweight.


Also, I want you to change your mind about food. Don’t be afraid of it. Providing you choose carefully, you can eat lots and lose weight at the same time.

If you have any starting-questions, or if you ever think of giving up, please use my 365-day Helpline. Simply email:  I’ll be delighted to hear from you and I’ll help in any way I can.

Anne Collins

PS. Here’s my first tip.



Why? Because unless you have a good reason, you won’t succeed. Finding a good reason is the single most important piece of preparation you can make. It must be a selfish reason (it’s difficult to lose weight to please someone else) and it should be as specific as possible: (it’s difficult lose weight for general reasons like ‘looks’ or ‘health’). So if you haven’t got a good reason – find one! Because once you’ve found a really good reason, you can move mountains.


Before I get to the food bit, I’d like to answer a few obvious questions.

Q. Why are we fat?
Family history, genes and several other factors all play a part in determining our weight. However the main reason we are fat, is because we eat too much fattening food. If you think you’re different, take this simple test. Follow my diet exactly, for 3 months. You should lose between 26 and 30 pounds.

Q. If I follow the Anne Collins Diet, will I be hungry?
No. Most slimmers can’t believe how much they can eat. However, if you do feel hungry – then EAT! Remember: Food is good, hunger is bad.

Q. What makes the Anne Collins Diet different from other diets?


  • Instead of asking you to count calories, it teaches you new eating habits.

  • Instead of telling you to eat less, it encourages you to fill your tummy with good food.

  • It’s a healthy, easy eating-plan that’s perfect for the whole family (except babies).

Q. I have been seriously overweight for years. Can I really be slim?
Yes. Yes. Yes. Unless you have been diagnosed with a specific medical condition which causes you to be overweight, you can lose weight just like anyone else. For example, if you are 300 pounds and in reasonably good health, you can comfortably lose 100 pounds by this time next year.

Q. How much should I weigh?
The simple answer is: whatever makes you feel most comfortable. But as a rough guide, here are the official guidelines for an ‘average’ person with an ‘average’ lifestyle.

Acceptable Weight Range in pounds (US. Guidelines)

Height Age 19-34 Age 35+ Height Age 19-34 Age 35+
5 feet 0″ 97-128 108-138 5 feet 7″ 121-160 134-172
5 feet 1″ 101-132 111-143 5 feet 8″ 125-164 138-178
5 feet 2″ 104-137 115-148 5 feet 9″ 129-169 142-183
5 feet 3″ 107-141 119-152 5 feet 10″ 132-174 146-188
5 feet 4″ 111-146 122-157 5 feet 11″ 136-179 151-194
5 feet 5″ 114-150 126-162 6 feet 0″ 140-184 155-199


Q. Diets don’t work for me – what’s my problem?
You may think that diets don’t work for you, but the truth is any calorie-controlled diet will help you to lose weight, if you follow it. In 20 years, I’ve never met anyone who couldn’t lose weight on such a diet. However, I have met a lot of slimmers who never bothered to follow their diet properly.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve helped thousands of people to lose weight. How did they manage it?
Here are the reasons they gave for their success. (NB. Each gave several reasons.)

92% said they avoided going hungry
90% said they had patience and took a longer term view of their diet
80% said they found a strong incentive to lose weight
70% said they planned ahead and didn’t run out of good food
65% said they trained themselves not to be distracted by bad weeks
50% said they learned from their previous dieting mistakes

Q. I don’t have any willpower – how can I lose weight?
Don’t kid yourself! You have all the willpower you need. You don’t believe me? Then ask yourself: what would you do if you had a heart attack and the heart surgeon visited you in hospital and said ‘No more fatty food!’ Could you do it? Of course you could! The moral? Once we have a good reason for doing something, willpower is no problem. So find a good reason to lose weight: it makes dieting a lot easier.

Q. I’m very fat, but I hardly eat a bite. How come?
Probably because you are eating small amounts of high-fat food. Remember, fat contains twice as many calories as other food-types, so even if you eat like a sparrow, you can still weigh like an elephant!.

Q. Do I have to take exercise in order to lose weight?
No. Diet alone is sufficient – at least in the short term. (NB. To burn off 2 pounds of fat, you would have to cycle for about 16 hours.) So don’t use lack of exercise as an excuse for staying fat. However, as soon as you are able to, I strongly recommend that you start a regular exercise program. Why? Because regular exercise is essential to your health and it makes weight loss easier. Theoretically, says the UK Journal of Advanced Medicine, every mile you walk gives you an extra 21 minutes of life and saves you 30 cents in medical care. Ideally, do 20 minutes of aerobic exercise every day, and exercise your whole body.

Q. Do I have to stay fat after having a baby?
Not unless you want to. I have lots of new mothers coming to see me and nearly all are back to their original weight. Being a mother is no reason to stay fat.

Q. Is this a healthy diet?
Yes. It’s very healthy. It’s good for your energy, good for your immune system and good for your heart. But don’t take my word for it. Show it to your doctor. He/ she will tell you exactly how healthy it is!

Q. Do you have any advice for someone starting a diet?
Yes. If you want to diet, don’t mess about – do it properly! Many people spend half their lives dieting. They start dieting, stop dieting, start again, stop again: no wonder they get fed up! So if you start a diet, follow it properly or else don’t bother dieting in the first place: do something else instead!

Q. What do you mean when you say “do it properly”?
I mean six things.


  • Find a good reason to lose weight
    Losing weight means changing your habits. You won’t do this without having a good reason!

  • Make it a priority
    In other words, be mentally prepared to make a few sacrifices.

  • Give yourself a target weight to aim for – in stages
    We all perform better when we have something to aim for. But do it in stages. For example, if you weigh 200 pounds and you’d like to get to 160 pounds, then set yourself 3 targets – first aim for 190 pounds; then 175 pounds; then finally 160 pounds.

  • Follow a sensible diet
    The Anne Collins Diet is the most sensible diet you’ll find. But even this diet won’t lose weight FOR you! You have to follow the instructions it contains. Otherwise, you’re wasting your time.

  • Always have good food in stock
    Not even the best diet in the world can help you, if your refrigerator is full of nothing else but cake! So make sure you have lots of good food available at all times.

  • Be mentally prepared for bad days
    All successful slimmers have bad days. Most have bad weeks; some have bad months. But unlike other slimmers, successful slimmers don’t give up the moment they have a bad time. Instead, they wait for the disaster to pass, and then carry on where they left off.

Q. Do I have to give up things like candy/chocolate, to lose weight?
This is a silly question. Why? Because these foods are the reason you have a weight problem in the first place. They are too hot to handle for anyone who is fat. Being fat simply proves that you can’t control your desire for them. Solution? Avoid them altogether, until you get your weight under control. However, if you can’t do this without going insane, avoid them for 4 weeks and then treat yourself occasionally.

Q. What if I eat something that isn’t on your diet?
Well you won’t explode, if that’s what you mean. At the very worst, you will simply delay your weight loss, that’s all. So instead of reaching your target in (say) 3 weeks, it might take you 4 weeks. Big deal!

Q. I’m under a lot of emotional stress at the moment. How can I lose weight?
To be honest, unless your weight is adding to your problems it’s not a good idea to try to lose weight when you’re under a lot of stress. Why not? Because it rarely works. You see, losing weight means changing your habits and this is difficult enough without having additional stress in the background. So unless your weight is really bugging you, consider waiting until the rest of your life has settled down before you start dieting.

Q. Three months ago I gave up smoking and now I’m 30 pounds heavier. What should I do?
Give yourself a pat on the back! Cigarettes damage our health and our finances. According to one US finance company, a 20 year old person who quits a 20-a-day habit and invests the money in a pension plan will be worth $1 million at the age of 65. So please relax – just follow my diet and eat sensibly.

Q. Why are so many Americans overweight?
Because they eat too much fatty rubbish, like doughnuts, cookies, candy, butter, animal fat, burgers, fried food, cheesy pizzas, fries, ranch dressing, mayonnaise and cream. Result? It is estimated that the average American adult eats the equivalent of one whole stick of butter per day.

Q. What if I have more questions?
Simply email:


    • 61 out of 100 American adults are now overweight.


  • 26 out of 100 American adults are ‘obese’. (i.e. at least 30 pounds overweight.)

  • An estimated 300,000 die prematurely each year from obesity. (400,000 die prematurely from smoking)

  • An estimated 1 million Americans will die in 2001 from heart disease. (A major cause is bad diet).

  • 1 in 5 children are classified as ‘obese’.

  • It is predicted that 3 out of 4 Americans will be overweight, by 2020.

  • America has 750,000 fast food outlets (1 per 3600 people).

  • America has 3 million soft drink vending machines (1 per 90 people)
     Almost 50% of money spent on food is for takeaways, restaurant meals or burgers.


Patience is for pussies, right? Wrong! When it comes to losing weight, patience is the most powerful quality you can possess. Most slimmers don’t realize this. Instead, they waste time worrying about unimportant things like willpower. But willpower never made anyone slim. Even if it did, it wouldn’t help them to stay slim. Only patience can do this.
Take Barbara, for example. Barbara has really enjoyed herself over Christmas and New Year. She’s had family and friends over for meals, she has eaten out several times and she’s had mountains of tasty treats on the side. But now it’s over and she’s feeling bloated and fat. So she steps on the scales and discovers that she’s put on 7 pounds. By itself, this is nothing to worry about. But Barbara was already 30 pounds overweight before Christmas began. So how does she react? The same way most of us react. She says to herself “I’ve got to lose this weight. I’ve got to go on a diet. I’m going to start straightaway.” She can’t wait. She must solve her weight problem right away! So she starts a diet and what happens? The same thing that happens to 90 per cent of all slimmers. In week one, she loses 5 pounds. In week two, she loses 2 pounds and in week three, nothing. How does she react? The same way that 90 per cent of all slimmers react. She falls into a deep depression. In fact, she is so depressed that she sits down in front of the TV and demolishes half a packet of cookies. Result? The next day she gives up dieting altogether. So just like 90 per cent of all slimmers, Barbara goes back to being fat. Why? Because she doesn’t have the patience to let nature take it’s course. She wants to solve her weight problem overnight. But Barbara wants the impossible. Weight loss is a gradual process. It simply can’t happen overnight. And no amount of willpower, money or prayer can change things.
So girls and boys, you have a choice. Either, you can decide to be patient and lose weight gradually until you finally arrive at the figure of your dreams. Or, you can be like Barbara and stay fat. To help you decide which choice is best for you, let me clarify things. Unless you are seriously overweight, then in order to lose a comfortable 30 pounds, you need to eat sensibly for about 3 months. In order to lose 60 pounds, you need to eat sensibly for about 6 months. Now is this so terrible? Is this too high a price to pay for a new life? Go on, be honest. Is it? Take my advice: be patient and let nature take it’s course. And while you wait, look ahead! Look ahead to when you can rush around all day without getting tired. Look ahead to when you can slip into a lovely slim pair of jeans, or a short skirt. Look forward to feeling more confident about your new slim body. Don’t allow impatience to keep you locked up inside your Fat Prison? This is the alternative that Barbara chose, but if you want my advice I’d say get out of Fat Prison right now! You don’t need luck or money or willpower. All you need is patience.