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This page contains Anne’s Guide to Biscuits.


What do biscuits contain?
Most biscuits contain 15-30 per cent fat and 15-35 per cent sugar. Chocolate-coated or filled biscuits have a higher proportion of fat, which makes them even more fattening.
McVitie’s Chocolate Digestive biscuit contains 29% sugar and 24% fat.
McVitie’s Rich Tea biscuit contains 20% sugar and 15% fat.

Always check the label!
Why? Because some biscuits are worse than they seem.
A standard custard cream biscuit contains 21.8% fat: i.e. almost as much fat as a chocolate goldgrain biscuit, (23.6%).
Jacobs lemon puff biscuit contains 29.4% fat: i.e. nearly twice the fat of a Jacobs Chocolate mallow biscuit, (15.1%).

All values are calories per biscuit.

Biscuits (1 biscuit) Cals Biscuits (1 biscuit) Cals Biscuits (1 biscuit) Cals
Jacobs Marietta 24 Jacobs Ginger Nuts 52 McVitie’s Choc Digest (Car) 80
Go Ahead Butter Crisp 28 Go Ahead Chocolinis 53 McVitie’s Choc Hob Nobs 81
Fox’s Party Rings 29 Jacobs Chocolate Rings 56 Jacobs Custard Creams 83
Jacobs Choice Grain 33 Jacobs Fig Rolls 60 McVitie’s Choc Digestives 87
Bolands Morning Coffee 34 Jacobs Bourbon Creams 61 Jacobs Choc Chip cookies 89
Jacobs Lincoln 36 McVitie’s Chocolate Rich Tea 63 Go Ahead Strawberry crm 90
Go Ahead Golden Crunch 36 McVitie’s Digestive Creams 63 Go Ahead Caramel creams 90
McVitie’s Cafe Noir 39 Jacobs Chocolate Shortcake 64 Jacobs Digestive creams 91
McVitie’s Rich Tea 39 Jacobs Lemon Puffs 65 Fox’s Brambles 92
Jacobs Rich Tea 41 Jacobs Chocolate Goldgrain 65 Jacobs Shortbread creams 93
Jacobs Coconut Creams 44 Jacobs Digestives 66 McVitie’s Boasters 93
Jacobs Goldgrain 47 Jacobs Chocolate Digestives 67 Jacobs Elite Tea-cakes 94
McVitie’s Ginger Nuts 47 McVitie’s Choc Ginger Nuts 68 McVitie’s Cream Teas 97
Jacobs Jaffa Cakes 48 McVitie’s Light Digestives 69 Jacobs Choc Kimberleys 107
McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes 48 McVitie’s Hob Nobs 69 Cadbury’s Assorted (100g) 515
Jacobs Polos 48 Jacobs Mallow 70 Cadbury’s Wafers (100g) 526
Jacobs Nice 48 McVitie’s Digestives 73 Cadbury’s Fingers (100g) 526
McVitie’s Fruit Shortcake 52 McVitie’s BN’s (Choc) 76 But who eats 1 biscuit?

Many so-called ‘potato’ crisps are actually made from specially processed potatoes as opposed to slices of raw potato. In addition, they often contain significant amounts of salt, as well as a mixture of flavourings, flavour enhancers and artificial colours.

Crisps & other snacks are high in fat, especially saturated fat
The biggest problem about eating crisps and other snack foods (including peanuts) is their high fat content. For example, one of the biggest brand of crisps contains 38 per cent fat (the same amount as a low fat spread) and 15 per cent saturated fat.

Values are calories and fat(g) per 100g.

Crisps (100g) Calories / fat Crisps (100g) Calories / fat
Phileas Fogg Chips 493/25g Pringles (Hot Spicy) 534/36g
Phileas Fogg Poppadoms 499/32g Pringles (Pizza) 536/37g
Pringles Light 500/25g Walkers Crisps (salted) 539/33g
The Real McCoys 514/30g Pringles (Sour Cream) 539/37g
Walkers Quavers 515/29g Pringles (Ridges) 542/34g
Hula Hoops (Orig) 517/31g Pringles (Orig) 551/36g
Hula Hoops (Cheese/O) 524/31g Pringles (Cheese/O) 561/38g
Walkers Crisps (cheese) 530/33g Pringles (Barbecue) 572/38g
Perri Crisps (sea-salted) 533/36g KP Peanuts (Dry roast) 604/49g
Perri Crisps (Cheese/O) 533/36g

Please Note
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